Pella Vs. Marvin Windows. Which Is Better!

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Pella Vs. Marvin Windows. Which Is Better!

I have used Pella before and they usually speak for themselves. I have some homeowners looking at putting in either a large # of Pella or Marvin wood windows. I have heard Marvin is a high grade window too.

For those that have used both or either one, What did you like/dislike about them? Which is a better choice everything considered?
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Re: Pella Vs. Marvin Windows. Which Is Better!

Marvin has the most creative and Architectural selection. Their product is "Top Top Grade".

Pella is darn good. "Top Grade". Geared a bit more to Contractors in general. A bit more, and only a bit, toward the mass-installation market.

JMNSHO based on my limited practical experience but also based on my very large observational experience.

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Re: Pella Vs. Marvin Windows. Which Is Better!

Pella is viewed to be the best, according to themselves. Talk to dougchips about windows.

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Re: Pella Vs. Marvin Windows. Which Is Better!

We have installed both and I would lean towards Pella ONLY because we get more referrals from them. We have an informal agreement between us and the sales rep from the Pella Store that covers our area.

FWIW, we have installed plenty of Pellas purchased at Lowes and I am convinced that they are not the same window we get from the Pella Store.

Marvin and their Integrity line are also both good windows, but they hardly ever recommend us.

Good Luck
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Re: Pella Vs. Marvin Windows. Which Is Better!

I don't think Pella makes a window that is as good as Marvin's top line.

There are subtle differences (IE extruded aluminum clad - Marvin vs. Formed - Pella) which can be explained by searching.
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Re: Pella Vs. Marvin Windows. Which Is Better!

Marvin hands down! and beyond the quality the customer service at Pella is beyond horrible
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Re: Pella Vs. Marvin Windows. Which Is Better!

When Pella put their name on cheap vinyl windows they lost me as a fan. I have their wood windows in my own home and plan to replace them with triple pane vinyl units. If they spent more time creating a nice IGU and less time getting in bed with Lowes then more window dealers might sell their stuff.
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Re: Pella Vs. Marvin Windows. Which Is Better!

you should also check out Harvey windows. They make an excellent product IMO.
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Re: Pella Vs. Marvin Windows. Which Is Better!

hurd is also worth a look.
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Re: Pella Vs. Marvin Windows. Which Is Better!

I have had great luck with MW windows.
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Re: Pella Vs. Marvin Windows. Which Is Better!

I would give Marvin the one up
I especially like the door units they put out.
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Re: Pella Vs. Marvin Windows. Which Is Better!

pella sucks, MARVIN and EAGLE are the top as far as wood windows go.
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Re: Pella Vs. Marvin Windows. Which Is Better!

i also agree that Pella is highly overrated. They have good marketing so a lot of people think their good windows. i personally like Marvin and Anderson windows.
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Re: Pella Vs. Marvin Windows. Which Is Better!

Thanks guys. I can get Marvins for the same price, so that is what we will go with. I will report back on them. They look like great windows from what I have seen. Their specs look great as well.
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Re: Pella Vs. Marvin Windows. Which Is Better!

Marvin all the way. But i do like pella's Architect Series®. I don't know anything about lowes offering them. But 30 minutes up the road from me there is a pella showroom owned by pella.

ps i have heard of eagle windows and those are nice also.
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Re: Pella Vs. Marvin Windows. Which Is Better!

I have installed all the "name" brands and have never been as impressed as I was with Eagle.
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Re: Pella Vs. Marvin Windows. Which Is Better!

Only ever been really impressed with a few windows and they have both been Hurd.
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Re: Pella Vs. Marvin Windows. Which Is Better!

I've dealt with Pella, Marvin, Anderson, and Eagle, and done some pretty extensive research. I have a great contact at a Pella store and consistently get my best prices there verses Marvin. Marvin are very good but at the top of the price pile. Pella and Eagle are next, then Anderson. It all depends on the customer, price they want to pay, and options they want. Based on dollar for dollar and option for option, I would always choose Pella in my house. Eagle is also a very good choice but I haven't dealt with them as much. If you want cheap, easy to get, low end, low cost windows, you go to Home Depot or Lowes but like someone said, don't expect the same window.
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Re: Pella Vs. Marvin Windows. Which Is Better!

We use Marvin, Andersen and Loewen...

I can't stand Pella for the same reasons mentioned... their customer service, for me anyway, has been piss-poor.

I've installed 3 of Marvin's super wide, Ultimate Sliding door, and they were outstanding as well.

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Re: Pella Vs. Marvin Windows. Which Is Better!

ASSELIN Check Them Out!!!

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