Painting Flat Door To Replicate A Cheyenne Style Door.

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Painting Flat Door To Replicate A Cheyenne Style Door.

I replaced all of my interior doors with cheyenne doors in my appartment. The front door is the only door that isnt of that style right now (it's a regular flat door)

The color scheme is going to be just like the one below.

Now I want to paint the cheyenne door design into that flat door. I was wondering if you guys had any pointers you could give me.

I am planning to copy the shape with painted tape and paint he outlay a different color. Maybe I could use the grey from the wall? Or maybe use a black? I dont know if I should pick a special type of paint.. a flat or a glossy paint. Or maybe use the white paint but mix a little bit of grey in it to created a shadow effect?

Any input is apreciated.

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Re: Painting Flat Door To Replicate A Cheyenne Style Door.

We done some of these for theatre sets. You're on the right track to use some of the gray from the wall. I'd suggest making up several different grays by adding different amounts of white. The trick to making it at all convincing is to mimic the look that one of the real panel doors would have in that spot. The lighting on the entry door determines how it "should" look. The curved portion of the top of the upper panel will be the toughest part, especially if the door is lit from the side. That "shadow" would vary along the length of it.

I'd suggest tracking down some library books on decorative painting, specifically "trompe l'oeil" painting or "grisaille". What you're waniting to do is a simple tromp l'oeil painting to "fool the eye" (hence the name). More specifically, it would be grisaille, which uses gray tones to mimic relief.

Good luck.

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jfman (01-25-2011)
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Re: Painting Flat Door To Replicate A Cheyenne Style Door.

Thanks for the tips! Do you have any pictures of what you were able to acheive with these methods?

Something like this is beyond my paintinf skills...

I dont think I could do something like.. but I can try lol.

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