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Failed Septic System And Useless Water Well

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Failed Septic System And Useless Water Well

Anyone has experience with failed septic system? The report says drain backup shows, and old 1955 system. I am not quite familiar with this subject, can we just replace a new one or install a new one? Is there any difference? It's a old house we'd like to make an offer, but really not sure about this problem.
Meanwhile, there used to be a well with water pump we can still see there, the house used to be connected to water meter. What can we do with the water well?
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Re: Failed Septic System And Useless Water Well

Depends where you are located.


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Re: Failed Septic System And Useless Water Well

Depends of if you're a GC or just a HO.

Well and septic regulations were way different in 1955, most places now have regulations about how close a well can be to a septic system leach field. Septic systems now require engineering everywhere I'm familiar with.

Ask your AHJ.
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Re: Failed Septic System And Useless Water Well

Around here you get a sewer permit and they tell you exactly what you need.
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Re: Failed Septic System And Useless Water Well

Why don't you tell us a little about this house, and a little about your business, if you are in fact a GC.

Is this the same house with the venting issues?

Is this a house you are looking to buy?

Your question about the septic is so over the top basic, that it leads me to seriously doubt whether you actually work in the trades.

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Re: Failed Septic System And Useless Water Well

Originally Posted by victoria chan View Post
it's a old house we'd like to make an offer, but really not sure about this problem.
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Re: Failed Septic System And Useless Water Well

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We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. This thread has been closed.


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