Straight Talk Vs Page Plus Vs Verizon

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Straight Talk Vs Page Plus Vs Verizon

I have been going through the threads on smart phones trying to decide which would be the best for me. At the same time doing research on different cell services. In my area there are only three choices that provide decent service:

Verizon with whom I now use but my contract ends this month.
Straight talk which means I'd have to go to Walmart every month.
And Page Plus Which I have just recently found out about.

I have a simple plan now $59/ month but by the time they tack on the text and pic package +tax i'm in the $80 range. The verison reps informed me today that after April 22 there will be a $40 upgrade fee. From what I have learned about PP it uses Verizon towers (same service I get now) 55 bucks a month with unlimited text and talk and 1 g of data.
Has anybody used Page Plus? Is it as good of a deal as it sounds?
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Re: Straight Talk Vs Page Plus Vs Verizon

No opinions huh?

Thats odd in a room full of contractors.


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Re: Straight Talk Vs Page Plus Vs Verizon

Around here, Walmart has several monthly plans from different providers. T Mobil has one that is $50/ month for first phone, and $35 for the second phone with unlimited talk/ text/ data. I think they slow down the data rate after a certain threshold. I still have the same carrier (Sprint) that I have had for about 12 years. My plan is up in June and I am casually looking as well.
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Re: Straight Talk Vs Page Plus Vs Verizon

Im grandfathered into the unlimited Verizon, its great as it always works. Wouldnt pay money for a plan that doesnt come in everywhere.
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Re: Straight Talk Vs Page Plus Vs Verizon

I've been using StraightTalk since it came out. You don't have to go to Walmart ever. I don't unless I need dog food. You can pay online, or have automatic payments, which is what I do. No different than when I had Verizon except price.
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Re: Straight Talk Vs Page Plus Vs Verizon

Yes - Straight Talk can be paid automatically through their website - don't try to do it via phone - their customer service repas are human robots ... "yes sir / no sir / you used too much data on unlimited plan sire / i can't help you sir"

I would not use Straight talk ( AVOID IT !!!), if you need your number and phone to be "live" no matter what.
One morning they just disconnected my phone and disabled it, and the sim card (so I could not reactivate it on the other phone) out of the blue.

I dropped my daughter off to day care, and went to work and then realized I was cut off.

I called them and stupid reps / manegers kept repeating same phrase ... yes sir / too much data sir ...

I supposedly used too much internet on unlimited data plan how the F i dont know ...

it then took me 6 weeks to get my 10 years old phone number back from those @$$-holes

If you need budget plan - go with t-mobile for business - it's only $40 (1000 min / unlimited web + sms) or $50 for all unlimited .... these prices are if you use your own phone ...

If you need new phone, it will be $20 more per month ... here are details:


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