What Does Your Proposal/ Contract Look Like?

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What Does Your Proposal/ Contract Look Like?

I couldn't find any other threads related to what I am looking for. I am in the process of creating a new proposal/ contract more professional looking and with payment terms. Right now i just use quick books estimates and thy are very basic. Can anyone post a blank one of theirs so we can see how they look? Thanks!
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Re: What Does Your Proposal/ Contract Look Like?

Did you check 'File Swap'? Do a Google search for AIA contracts.


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Re: What Does Your Proposal/ Contract Look Like?

Check this out. Shows basic editable forms for the construction industry. Including props, contracts and work change orders
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Re: What Does Your Proposal/ Contract Look Like?

MY proposals are simple. The scope of work is written almost exactly as I would write a work order for my crew explaining to them what needs to be done.

it defines the scope of work, it defines the terms of payment, and any site requirements.

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Re: What Does Your Proposal/ Contract Look Like?

Grumpy - the work order for your crew. (I'm highjackin this. Sorry) I assume you do that on every job? Makes sense to use the same contract that was written for the customer. Do you leave it up to the project manager or yourself to see that everything is completed as instructed? How do you handle it when it isn't?

Are you a reasonable boss or do you light a fire under someone's a$s?

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Re: What Does Your Proposal/ Contract Look Like?

Since most contracts are done on computer, the work order is a simple cut and paste of the contract "scope" into the proper work order template. When the salesman sells the job he puts together the scope of work and a basic material list. My production manager reviews every job, remeasures most, and tweaks the scope and material list as necessary.

Something new we are starting this year, which I have tried to implement in the past but hasn't gone so well, is mandatory final inspections of each job. I don't want to turn into the type of company that uses the customer as their quality control check. It's time consuming, so I've decided to train my repair guy on doing "remeasures" to help my production manager when he is falling behind. His priority should be more on final inspections.

When it is not done as instructed we make a judgement call. Most of the time the crew has to go back out and fix it. Some things get left alone and the crew leader gets a good talking to about it.

Am I a reasonable boss? I think so. I try to be very fair. My book keeper says I am way too generous. However myself and my production manager often play good cop bad cop with the crews and guess who gets to be the bad cop. Hell, afterall, my name is Grumpy!


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