So... Who's Blowing Today (12/26th) Off?

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Re: So... Who's Blowing Today (12/26th) Off?

86F yesterday, today and mañana
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Re: So... Who's Blowing Today (12/26th) Off?

I had a meeting with my plumber and a new customer this morning. Called to confirm as I was heading down there. No meeting. I'm good with that. Now I'll do some major Mancave cleaning and fab up a handrail to finish up a job this week.

Then it's off to the races for the next year, though I'll make sure I have a slow start this week.

Oh, and I have about 6 pounds of left over pulled pork to nom my way through today with a side of jalapeno poppers.
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Sure, I can do that...
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Re: So... Who's Blowing Today (12/26th) Off?

Working Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week and back on Tuesday next week. Seasonal thing. Christmas season and winter season combined. Expected to be warmer next week.
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Livin the dream...
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Re: So... Who's Blowing Today (12/26th) Off?

Decided not to head to the job. Worked on some van organization stuff and organized the shop a bit. Not getting to crazy.

I've got about a week on my current house them I'm starting a big mother Jan 9th with no end to work in sight after that for who knows how long. I'm trying to breath a little in preparation before the big ones are ready.
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Re: So... Who's Blowing Today (12/26th) Off?

Just doinf stuff around the place. More snow removal, moving hay around, some tree cutting....

Then we get freezing rain this evening. I'll load up on salt and sand early this evening.
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Jaws (12-27-2016)
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Re: So... Who's Blowing Today (12/26th) Off?

Was going to go hunting but fighting a fever of 101 so no hunting for me today maybe tomorrow if this is a 1 day thing

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Re: So... Who's Blowing Today (12/26th) Off?

I blew off the day.......... after 10:00 AM and I got done working.........
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Re: So... Who's Blowing Today (12/26th) Off?

Played with the WorkSharp. Had 2 chisels and a No 92 plane with me, so that's what I sharpened.

The 3/4" chisel is the most used and the most beat up. I had to flatten the back which took about 5 minutes between the two coarse grits. Ground the bevel with the coarse grit for about 1 minute to get it flat. Then went up the grits. 120, 400, 1000, 3600. Once you get the initial grind on it, it doesn't take but a few minutes to go all the way up. Cuts my arm hair now.

The 1/4" chisel proved to be problematic. Didn't seem to stay square. I had to manipulate the chisel to keep it square. But same thing, up through the grits and it'll shave.

Then the No 92 plane blade. Because of it's "T" shape I had to free hand this one. Wasn't that hard to maintain square. I noticed that the blade itself was manufactured with uneven bevels on either edge. But that changes nothing about the sharpening. Got it up to 3600 and as a test plowed a 1/16" deep 10" long dado in a pc of pine I had hanging around. Did it effortlessly.

I played with a few kitchen knives and got them nice and sharp by free handing them.

The WorkSharp 3000 seems to do a nice job on the chisels. I have a 2" smoothing plane that I need to sharpen at the shop. I'll have to do the normal sharpening on this and then do the rounding of the blade since it's a smoothing plane.

Gonna be nice to have really sharp chisels and planes in the shop.

Now I have to grow some hair back on my arm where I was testing sharpness.
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Re: So... Who's Blowing Today (12/26th) Off?

Been up since 5. Went to the bike dealer to check out boxing day sales. Wasn't anything I was interested in so I just talked shop with the sales guys. Might go to the snowboard shop tonight and try to keep my roommate from spending too much.
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Re: So... Who's Blowing Today (12/26th) Off?

Today is a Legal holiday.
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Re: So... Who's Blowing Today (12/26th) Off?

I wanted to as it is Boxing Day for those us from the Mother Land. However I agreed to start a small commercial painting job today in a dentist office while they were closed for a few days. I did manage a couple of days off right before Christmas.
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Re: So... Who's Blowing Today (12/26th) Off?

Slept in till 9 or so. Made some coffee, prepped a small turkey for my infared cooker and started it, made some gift returns, sprayed some steel pieces with clear for our house build, ate, back to spray some more clear, meet some clients to finalize plans on a new build next year, and back home to chill. Pretty low key day.

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Re: So... Who's Blowing Today (12/26th) Off?

Blew off yesterday cause it was my birthday.
Blowing off the rest of the week cause it was my birthday.
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Re: So... Who's Blowing Today (12/26th) Off?

I'm off until the 9th. Go me!

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