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Fair Price

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Re: Fair Price

The OP is in Indiana, here's Indianas rules for children.


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Re: Fair Price

Originally Posted by tjbnwi View Post
Construction is listed as hazardous (#19 in the list).

Below is the section title, below that is the second statement in that section.

"Exemptions from the Child Labor Provisions of the FLSA"

"Children under 16 years of age employed by their parents in occupations other than manufacturing or mining, or occupations declared hazardous by the Secretary of Labor."

The key point here is he mentioned the person is 15.

That section isn't listed as hazardous. What it states are these are occupations that they may not be employed in. It says nothing about exemption from family business.
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Re: Fair Price

Originally Posted by tjbnwi View Post
There is a section that covers 14 & 15 year olds. Construction is out, even if it is family.


I wonder if that was in place when I worked for my dad in high school doing actual construction. Or as an adolescent digging holes and ditches and moving boards...... Ridiculous.
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Sure, I can do that...
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Re: Fair Price

Up here, as long as they have a safe space out of the weather, they are good to go... LOL
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Re: Fair Price

I was doing siding, roofing, and hanging gutters at 15 with my dad . Think was paying me $8.00 per hour. Not bad for 1987. Was able to buy a car at 16. He was never one to follow the "rules"

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Re: Fair Price

I was cleaning military night clubs by then, no pay period so I guess you can say I wasn't employed. But laws are different now.

If the kid gets hurt you'll be raked slowly over the coals. It wouldn't be worth it to me.

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Re: Fair Price

If the 15 year old is family then that is one thing, but if not how much is a 15 year old kid going to help your productivity to benefit you?
If the kid is in school then I assume he will work after school and weekends, limit his work to clean up / general helper and maybe he can learn a thing or two also. Just pay the kid some cash and limit him from getting hurt in any way.
Keep him away from power tools and keep him on the ground.

It is different when teenagers are working for the old man. I have my kids up on roofs and scaffolding like the rest of you, but not non family.

Also, hire someone who will be productive for you at hanging siding.
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Re: Fair Price

My insurance company requires at least 16 for employees

I was on the job at 6 years old playing in the sand pile all day getting in the way

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Re: Fair Price

Originally Posted by Windycity View Post
My insurance company requires at least 16 for employees

I was on the job at 6 years old playing in the sand pile all day getting in the way

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Ha! When Reagan came to town in '88 dad's crew built the stage he spoke from. The local paper had us featured on the front page, I was 8 and 'helping' by nailing scraps of wood together because I was building something super presidential with all that wood! Heck, now days I'd probably not have been allowed within a mile of the place.


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