Do You Believe The Customer Is Always Right?

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Re: Do You Believe The Customer Is Always Right?

The customer is always right...

First, there is a history behind this phrase.

The term was phrased around the beginning of the 20th century. Marshal Field of Marshal Fields department store and Gordon Selfridge founder of London's Selfridges store were the two men who coined the phrase.

They did not mean for the phrase to be taken literally, the idea was to make the customer feel special by training their employees to act as if the customer is always right.

Although these men get to take credit for the phrase which graces this topic they are not the ones who came up with the idea behind the phrase. In other words the phrase is a result of the idea. = )

Who thought up the idea?

Cesar Ritz, a french hotel owner is credited with saying, "Le client n'a jamais tort" The customer is never wrong.

Today we think of this phrase as a way to keep from being literally blackmailed by clients who are trying to get one over on the business owner. The fear of bad publicity, and all the other myriad ways a person can bash a business today keeps us acting like the customer is always right under any circumstance.

Does this make sense to you guys? I hope so, but it does to me. lol

I have never heard the phrased used when the topic of a business was in a positive light. The topic was always reflecting some negative aspect of the business.

Only unreasonable people think the customer is always right and only unreasonable clients think they are always right.
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Re: Do You Believe The Customer Is Always Right?

Cesar also went on to found the Ritz hotel chain and another popular saying and song came about because of the Ritz Hotel treatment.

"Putting on the Ritz", although Cesar didn't come up with that.
As was said, saying the (customer is always right) can be a warmup to better negotiation if there is an issue, but should not be taken literally.
I would not let that influence my right to earn a living or to allow unreasonable demands on my services.
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Re: Do You Believe The Customer Is Always Right?

The customer is always right means to me:

Within reasonable limits, if something that I did for them (installation, etc.) is not up to their expectations, I will make it right. That's why clear and precise communication must be established and is soo important. Now this doesn't mean just any and every thing that they complain about is going to get addressed.

Sometimes they just nitpick--either you got done too fast or they want a reduction in the final bill. It is up to me to distinguish what the real reason is...

If the customer is always right- then ultimately, you lose control of your biz..

Just my 2 pennies...
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Re: Do You Believe The Customer Is Always Right?

A lot of people don't discern the difference between customer service and customer relations..


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