Why Join NRCA?

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Why Join NRCA?

I was looking to join the NRCA just so we can sport their logo on our website. Then I saw that it costs $945 to join! Technically $1,845, but we're going to 'accidentally' click $945. What is the purpose of joining NRCA and how do we benefit? It sounds gimmicky to me. Thanks.
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Re: Why Join NRCA?

no one is part of the nrca?


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Re: Why Join NRCA?

Hey theres a sale right now! $100 off membership dues till the 28th.
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Re: Why Join NRCA?

we were in it for years but droped out, not for any particular reason. I droped a lot of those kind of BS things. Better to give the money to a charity of your choice. who knows I may renew some day maybee. the BBB I would never renew though, I think there a glorified scam.

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Re: Why Join NRCA?

Originally Posted by contractorjay View Post
I was looking to join the NRCA just so we can sport their logo on our website. Then I saw that it costs $945 to join! Technically $1,845, but we're going to 'accidentally' click $945. What is the purpose of joining NRCA and how do we benefit? It sounds gimmicky to me. Thanks.
My $.02: At one time (pre-internet), those type organizations helped in two ways - Providing of continuing education to the contractor not easily available elsewhere and adding a bit of legitimacy to the contractor in the consumer's eyes. Would he cough up the dues if he wasn't serious.

Now the contractor can come to places like this or copper.org (for example) to help with his continuing education and the consumer can also use the internet to find the dirt on the contractor.

I agree with rooferjim about using that money more wisely. Take that $945 and pay your guys to go work on a Habitat project or something. I've got no beef against the NRCA, but I don't think organizations like that are as beneficial as they once were.
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Re: Why Join NRCA?

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Re: Why Join NRCA?

Agree, both memberships are sort of a waste of money.

The BBB calls me several times a year asking for a donation. Always tell them being a member won't increase my sales but they still call. Even being a non acredited company got an A plus rating on there.

A few years ago though decided to check out my company on BBB and this is what it stated,
We've tried to contact ***X'X Roofing on several occasions. Our mail has been sent back and no phone numbers on record work. As a result we feel this company is no longer in business so if you have issues with this company we recommend seeking legal help.

Decided to call them and ask why they called my cell phone several times a year but had no number to contact me?

Around the same time I looked up my friends GC company and he wasn't on there. Asked him why he paid and wasn't on there and he didn't know why. He called and was put on there only after paying for over a year without being on it.

Another scam is yellow book. For several years was in there print advertising and a couple years ago decided to try out there internet advertising. $39 a month not a lot of money. About 10 months into it decided to have a web site built. The web designer looked for me on yellow book.com and my company didn't exist on it! She prompted me to contact the company and ask why. They told me that since I only knew my company was not on there for a month prior they would credit my account for one month. Who looks up there own company for web advertising??? They didn't care, one month that's it. At that moment cancelled everything...

Every few months yellow book reps call me trying to lure me back into there scam. I yell at them every time and tell them to never call me back because they ripped me off but they still call!

In 1.5 month on Angies List (free) brought in more revenues than over 5 years advertising with yellow.
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Re: Why Join NRCA?

The NRCA does alot for the roofing community, especially ont heir lobby side of things. They have a permanent office in Washington DC just for fighting for roofer's rights. In addition the NRCA offers a free OSHA 10 hour safety training for it's members. I'm not sure if this safety training is free to non members. I just wanted to point that out because it's not something everyone knows.

I was a member of the NRCA since 2004 or 2005, I forget now, and recently dropped out.

I would have replied sooner but Jay's blatent advertisement of his intention to cheat irked me the wrong way. Not to mention the fact that just a few weeks ago he said that he doesn't install roofs but now he wants to join the NRCA. Hmmm

Dougger I have been on angies list, added in by various customers, but only get a couple leads a year.

Seeyou, From a pure marketing point of view the NRCA and BBB are great things in the eyes of your customer, especially the BBB. If you can chalk it into your marketing budget it's money well spent IMO. I lost a job a few months back because I was not a member of the BBB. When I asked the customer if she bothered to chck the records she said no. I told her she should check the "member"s record before she signs anything because I know for a fact that they had pages upon pages of complaints. Like a deer in the headlights she was stunned. No, she didn't know you can be a complete hack and still be a member of the BBB LOL. Summary: it will help you build legitimacy and will help you close sales.

Not every consumer is an educated consumer even in these time. You can lead a horse to water but can't make it drink. In other words, yes the information on who is good and bad is all out there, but not everyone takes advantage of it. If they did I could rattle off a list of 10 companies of the top of my head that would be out of business tomorrow. Most consumers are sheeple.
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Re: Why Join NRCA?

The Roofing Manual was my primary reason for membership years ago, especially for the commercial roofing specifications, but if you are more into residential roofing, I feel that the MRCA, Midwest Roofing Contractors Associations offers more pertinent benefits.

The OSHA training IS available to Non-NRCA members, but you have to subscribe to their e-mail alerts to know about them. I got my 10 hour certification 2 years ago and was the only Non-Member participating. Their viewpoint on Non-Members is that all of them are the Hacks out there.

Now, the NRCA Roofing Manuals are available online through their website from the NRCA.



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