Roofing License

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Roofing License

I was wondering if anyone on this site could help me out. I started a roofing business last year and I need to know how to get a license strictly for roofing in michigan. A lot of companys advertise that they are licensed but I cant find a way to get licensed for just roofing. I know you can get a builders license but I heard that they are very hard to get approved for. I was told you have to have good financial credit and pass a criminal background check? It seems like there would be something more simple, you should be able to take a test and get a license for just roofing? If anyone knows anything about this , any advice would be great...

Steve / Michigan
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Re: Roofing License

I don't know about Mich. but in Calif. it's done through the Dept. of Consumer Affairs. Try calling a licensed roofer in Mich. and see if he can help. Any money you spend to get your license will easily pay for itself-- believe me. Good luck!

p.s.- Also try a google search with: roofing contractors license, Michigan

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Re: Roofing License

You don't need a license for commercial work, only residential. Kind of strange.

If you do any residential roofing, you need a Maintenance and Alteration Contractor's License.

Go to this website to see about contractors licensing in all the states.

I just looked at the Michigan Dept of Labor and Economic Growth page about contractors. It does look like you will need a criminal history done, but it doesn't say that would preclude anyone with one from getting a license.,1607,7-154-35299_35414_35455---,00.html

Since I don't have enough posts yet to put in links, add the usuall http, etc. in front of the links I posted.

Boy I am amazed how easy it is to get a license in some states. Most of the western states require a test and putting up a bond and proof of insurance. Looks like Michigan does test but I didn't see anything about a bond or insurance.

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Re: Roofing License

For just the roofing license you must pass the credit check and background history also. Its a 50 question test here is a link with information.,1607,7...4254--,00.html
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Re: Roofing License

I would recommend going for the full builders license here in Michigan instead of just the M&A. There are courses which will help you pass the test. Check with your local homebuilders association. On the trade side, there are a couple of questions in each trade area. I believe there were 50 questions on the trades, and 50 questions on the legal, regulatory and finance side.

If you apply for the M&A, there will be 50 questions focused on roofing. That's more questions than I would want to answer, even given my years of experience.

Good luck. Residential roofing in this state is very challenging right now.

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Re: Roofing License

yes I am from michigan and yes you can just get a lic for roofing only.
but I will tell you this the test has question on all types of roofing so make sure you know shingles and flat work, i have a freind that says the roofing lic is a lot harder I have a builders and If you have been in the trades long enough the builders should be easy for you, there is two test. Law/Building its easy I got 99% on both.
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Re: Roofing License

I've got a Minnesota Residential Roofing License.

50 question roofing only test. 50 question business and law test. No class or roofing books to take or buy to pass this test. $200 and 16 hours in MN and anybody can pass the general contractors test.

Also have to have a $5,000 bond in MN which runs me $100 a year.

Just did my 7.5 hours the other day.
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Re: Roofing License

none for roofing in Indiana,which is a shame.
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Re: Roofing License

Dont be disappointed Wiz the license is horsesh*t--Like the California poster NJ has a license through the Dept Of Consumer Affairs--Alls it is --is a State certificate that shows your an insured contractor. This is just a proof to your clients that you do carry insurance and eliminates annual proof registrations some areas require.
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Re: Roofing License

My father used to have to get licenses for doing work in certain cities in Minnesota. This of course was before the inception of the state wide license requirement.

In some cities and townships in MN you don't have to be licensed or bonded or insured to do roofing. Replaced a 55sq roof on a $1.5 million dollar lake property 50 miles North West of the Twin Cities were there was no permit required. Same goes for some counties and towns South of the Twin Cities. One county an hour South of the TC has signs posted, LeSuer County no permits required. It's like stepping back into the stone age!
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Re: Roofing License

yes you can get a license for just roofing they hold the test a few times a month. I am a license builder in michigan and I know someone with a roofing license only but the test covers a types of roofing pitch roofing and flat.

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