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Roof Coating Warranties Exclusions- Loaded With Them

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Roof Coating Warranties Exclusions- Loaded With Them

One must wonder just how good roof coatings warranties really are! By my estimation, if anything goes wrong, and there is a warranty claim, the manufacturer will NEVER have to pay a dime and probably hasn't. I realize many of you are big proponents of roof coatings. And just to clarify, I am not suggesting coatings are not a viable solution or lack any benefits. On the contrary, coatings do have several benefits. Moreover, I'm not knocking any roofing company who does do coatings because I know if done correctly, coatings can perform well. My focus in this post is on the WARRANTY! I'm left to wonder, how many of you really take the time to inform your clients of the EXCLUSIONS that exist in about 99.9% of coating warranties? Don't answer that. I know the answer! NONE! NOT A SINGLE ONE OF YOU! I wouldn't either. Because if you or I did, we wouldn't make a sale-ever as building owners would think twice! But bias aside, these 2, 5, 10, 12 or 15 year warranties on roof coatings really are a joke in my view if you actually read the warranties of the 100's of roof coating manufacturers that exist today. And before you respond angrily, take the time to read at least 25 manufacturers warranties like I did before responding. Judge for yourself...

-Labor costs to repair or replace are usually NEVER covered if the coating is found to be defective- unless you pay more!

-Manufacturers almost always need to be contacted in writing within 10-30 days of discovery of defective coating and if no written communication has been made- no warranty coverage

-Damages to the building caused by defective coatings are never covered

-Mold and mildew damages are never covered

-Acts of God such as tornadoes, hail, lightning, hurricanes, floods, fires, and earthquakes are never covered

-Acts of negligence, abuse, accidents, vandalism, falling objects, civil disobedience, war are never covered

-Damages caused by alterations of the roof or installation of structures, fixtures or other utilities are not covered

-Exposure to solvents, acids, caustic fluids, oils, waxes, greases, absorbent clays, bleaches, plasticizers or other harmful chemicals are not covered

-FAILURE BY THE OWNER OR LESSEE TO PROPERLY MAINTAIN AND CARE FOR THE ROOF WILL VOID ANY WARRANTY! That rules out 90% of building owners! And maintain what? How often? How so? Pretty damn broad exclusion!

-Foot traffic or storage of materials on the roof will void most manufacturer’s warranties

-Infiltration or condensation of moisture in, through, around, or above walls of the building will void your warranty

-Failure of any materials OTHER THAN THE COATING, i.e., the roof that was coated, is not covered

-Insect or animal damage is not covered

-Deterioration or failure of any building component including, but not limited to, the roof substrate, walls or mortar will void the warranty

-Condensation accumulation in the roof assembly due to incorrect design or due to a reduction in the vapor barriers effectiveness will void your warranty

-Repairs made with ANY OTHER PRODUCT besides the manufacturer’s own products will void the warranty

-Discoloration or odors caused by algae, fungi, or lichens is not covered

-Errors and omissions by architects or engineers NOT retained by the manufacturer is not covered

-Nearly all manufacturers make NO CLAIMS in their warranty about stopping water leaks or waterproofing the building unless otherwise stated in written form from a company officer- obviously that never happens!

-And last but not least, improper application including application of the coating outside recommended temperature and humidity levels, fog, dew, high humidity; improper spray techniques, improper thinning of coatings, or any damages caused by methods outside of manufacturers guidelines are obviously NOT COVERED!

Needless to say, every type of roof system warranties have exclusions. No debate there. But clearly, roof coating manufacturer warranties are as IronCLAD as a house built on sand!

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Re: Roof Coating Warranties Exclusions- Loaded With Them

Lol wow. Soo, they're supposed to warranty outside factors that may affect their product?


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