New Ridge Vent Installed Correctly?

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New Ridge Vent Installed Correctly?

Greetings- I went up into the attic space to see what the new ridge vent looked like from the inside. I cannot see any opening or even light coming in up along the ridge. Is this the way it should be ? Should I be able to see the vent itself or at least some light coming in? (Also FWIW, , the new soffit vents are still full of insulation. Also the shingles and opening over the ridge vent outside are very uneven and sloppy.) Comments appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: New Ridge Vent Installed Correctly?

The manufacturer of each ridge vent product will have their own specifications on how wide the slot along the top of the ridge must be cut, and that varies if their is a ridge beam in place versus truss construction.

Typically, it is about 2 1/2 to 3 inches wide, measuring horizontally across from one side of the cut to the opposite cut side.

The opening should be 100 % unobstructed, although realistically, a slight jagged cut on the top course of shingle would be likely to occur.

The clogged soffit ventilation completely thwarts any intake funcionability that the intake vents were designed to allow.

You need to know how many square inches of NFVA exhaust per foot that the brand of ridge vent installed provides and the NFVA of the soffit fresh air intake should be at least equal. The product manufacturers literature and/or website should provide you with the correct specifications.

Don't get all hyper if the deviation is just a small amount out of specified parameters.

The ideal scenario is 60 % intake NFA to 40 % exhaust NFA, or at least a 50 % equal split between the two systems.

Some ridge vent products may not seemingly allow light to be visible, while other products may seem as if too much light is coming through. Neither is an indication of the proper functioning of the ventilation product. That is soley determined on the amount of free air space provided for the vent to function at its maximum designed capacity.



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Re: New Ridge Vent Installed Correctly?

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Re: New Ridge Vent Installed Correctly?

Nobody can answer the ridgevent question without actual eye inspection. But the soffitts vents need to be free from ANY INSULATION OBSTRUCTION. They need to breath. So get the insulation out of the soffit vents.
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Re: New Ridge Vent Installed Correctly?

Originally Posted by itwerx2 View Post
(Also FWIW, , the new soffit vents are still full of insulation. .
No baffles?
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Re: New Ridge Vent Installed Correctly?

Even if baffles, also known as rafter vents, are installed, the loose accumulation of insulation over the intake vents must be hand removed prior to closing up the area.

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Re: New Ridge Vent Installed Correctly?

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