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Modified Bit Vs TPO Vs EPDM

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Old 05-04-2018, 05:33 PM   #1
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Modified Bit Vs TPO Vs EPDM

Which do you like for your flat roofs? We are looking for something that will stand the test of time, and we don't get warranty calls.

My roofer has the most experienced with modified bit, so naturally his preference.

Sales rep at local supplier went on and on about TPO.

Don't care about the cost differences because one warranty call and its all a wash.

We build spec projects in DC FYI.

Thoughts from the guys who do this all day?
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Shingler extraordinaire
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Re: Modified Bit Vs TPO Vs EPDM

PVC is the best but high dollar.

Fully adhered EPDM would be my favorite however prone to puncture of you step on anything. With a quality coating it will last a very long time with proper maintenance. Also can get pricey because the bonding adhesive is not cheap.

Recently invested in an automatic seam welder so I have been pushing TPO. It is a good product but you want Carlisle or Versico. I think I liked the Firestone too but the former 2 reign supreme in my book as far as TPO goes.


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Old 05-05-2018, 10:37 AM   #3
Shingler extraordinaire
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Trade: Roofing, Framing, siding, decks
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Re: Modified Bit Vs TPO Vs EPDM

Not a big mod bit fan....I feel it is antiquated.
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Old 05-09-2018, 08:55 PM   #4
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Re: Modified Bit Vs TPO Vs EPDM

Mod bit as in just the membrane? or iso board, cover board, base sheet, ply sheet, cap sheet? or what? theres lots of applications. heat welded, peel and stick? how is your guy applying the mod bit? IMO if you want a roof to stand the test of time you cant beat a Built up roof. hot tar and gravel. But really the application of choice needs to fit each roofs needs. Meaning BUR might be the best choice for one but not the next. It really depends on how the roof is set up, what the drainage system is like, if there are parapet walls, how much foot traffic, ect. ive run into labor guys who do one system only before and most of them have been doing it wrong for as long as they have been doing it. you cant tell them nothing.
They will put a mod bit on a 24/12 turret if you let them. Its your job to figure out what system to use based on the above and the desired outcome the customer is looking for.

i always ask the customer why they want a new roof, or what is their primary goal? To never have to talk about it think about it or pay for it again OR is it to stop leaks until they can get the place sold? are they looking for the cheapest or the best.

if they are looking for the cheapest.... ehhh part of me says run and the other part says give it to them but be very clear about what you will and wont warranty. Also how many other problems does the place have? because you touch it you own it and Ive seen water come in from the windows, the hvac, thru a crappy stucco job, ive even seen it coming in on a first floor roof on a 3 story apartment building from a crack in the 2nd floor concrete staircase. Every dAMN TIME THEY HAD A LEAK IT WAS MY FAULT AND I HAD TO GO CHASING DOWN ALL THESE LEAKS FOR FREE TO PROVE IT WASNT MY FAULT. never once have any of my roofs leaked anywhere any kind any building ... Gawd im getting pissed off just thinking about it.

but you know what. i got ran thru the ringer ONE TIME from one guy in every way possible but I learned so much that has been so beneficial about customers, what jobs to take and what jobs to run from, what system to use, where and why.. Plus I can find the point of entry on any leak quicker than God. Even when people have given up and just accepted living with it, some for 10 or 15 Years, after spending thousands and thousands of dollars with roofer after roofer attempting to fix it.

anyway so what was the question?
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