IceMelt On EPDM?

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IceMelt On EPDM?

My steamer is down for the duration, and with snow arriving soon, I am not too inclined to replace it until next year. Anyone have any experience using rock salt (sodium chloride) or IceMelt (mix of chlorides) on EPDM? I have tried to ask several manufacturers, and either get a runaround or a "warning" that "salt is corrosive."

I have an EPDM repair job with a puddle (now solid ice) of about 10 square, a half to a full inch thick. I need the ice off to repair it before winter sets in. Current temps are below freezing for a high, so anything that melts from escaped heat from the building refreezes at night. Lows are in low- to mid-twenties.

Steam is skatey, but if someone conscientious is doing it it can work. Unfortunately, that option is closed. Torches are out (this is EPDM). Any alternative suggestions?
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Re: IceMelt On EPDM?

MY advice was going to be to ask the manufacturer but I can understand their run around. Get a big pot and boil water with a torch then pour it on the puddle?


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Re: IceMelt On EPDM?

Ever heard of tires failing from salting the roads? Ever wondered where EPDM comes from? I dont imagine leaving big salt licks up there for the horses year round to be a good thing, but if used in moderation I'd say common sensically speaking what you want to do is ok. If not I would wonder about all those EPDM roofs in coastal areas next to the big salty seas...just my 2 cents, none of which were paid for by Firestone BTW, so you may want to take that with a grain of ....
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Re: IceMelt On EPDM?

I don't think EPDM and road tires are one in the same. I'm sure road tire is very similiar, but engineered different to be way way more rugged.

If you intend to try this do it by first telling the customer that damage may occur and you aren't responsible, and on a very small area incase it does cause damage.
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Re: IceMelt On EPDM?

Torpedo heater.
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Re: IceMelt On EPDM?

Break up ice with a hammer and sweep it up?
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Re: IceMelt On EPDM?

I break it and squeegee it


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