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Cathedral Soffit Mold

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Cathedral Soffit Mold

Replacing fascia, trim and whatever damage at 30 year old client home in North Texas. Found shoddy prior repairs done by prior HO to make make sale, no big deal.

Found mold on the soffit at equidistance between the soffit vents. Upon closer inspection, after pulling fascia, could see that no baffles were installed and no roof vents were installed. The room is a partial cathedral with a flat ceiling section in the middle (and a pyramidal attic space above).

I suspect moisture laden air is getting into the soffit area, stabilizing in the space between the soffits (vs mixing in space above vent) and then condensing due cooler nights or wall from interior.

No way to go to a dense pack insulation without roof or sheetrock tear off. So stuck with searching for least bad option. Should we remove all the soffit vents and run the risk of stabilized air all along the soffit or put in continuous soffit vent and hope for exchange of air before condensation?

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Re: Cathedral Soffit Mold

Whole slew of things that can cause spot mold like you describe, here in North Texas.

Did the fascia break in the area of the mold, is there a roofing issue there, exposed plywood seam, weak or no insulation close, AC condensation line near by, bath exhaust vent close, north-side of home, large tree giving heavy shade....?

Unless you can verify, not guess, that it requires major repairs.... I'd lean toward replacing sophit in that area and treating with bleach solution.

And hack repairs by HO, "Handymen" and even alleged professional companies, are everywhere along with crap new construction practices.


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Re: Cathedral Soffit Mold

Took a look around. No roof damage, no leaks, nothing on the framing etc. (Found some elsewhere on the house and repaired framing as needed).

The mold stains are occurring in some 8 spots, each located in between the soffit vents.

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