Hip Roof Truss System

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The Duke
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Hip Roof Truss System

OK, everyone. I have been meaning to do this for so long. This is an almost perfect hip roof truss system. I conjured this up from all the trussed roof systems I've installed and kept saying to myself "I wish they did......."

I lived in Seattle for awhile as some here know, and there was one truss company that came ever so close, Tilton truss, which is now out of business. Since I moved back to Maine, and I think you will agree with me if you've installed hip truss packages IBUILD, that they are very bad here.

There are a ton of hangers to put in and for no reason. It takes an extreme amount of extra work and materials which the whole point of using trusses is to reduce the amount of time and work needed to install a roof system.

My idea eliminates all hangers and bracing except for those required to install on the webs which will happen in any truss design. I honestly really can't say what the rest of the country has for hip truss systems. Maybe they use this. I would be surprised if I was the original thinker of this. I made this up and posted it on my site so instead of continuously explaining it to the truss designers here, I just give them the address and hopefully I can convince them.

If you find this method acceptable and want to notify any truss designers in your area that this would work better for you, then by all means let them have it. Use it freely.

I feel it is such a money saver for both sides of the equation. Let me know what you think!

Hip Roof Truss pdf

Oh and the almost perfect is that the hip hits the hip master ever so slightly. got to take a little chunk out of something. it's like " roughly

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Re: Hip Roof Truss System

I think what I'm seeing is a dropdown and a layover on the hip set and I think they started doing that here however in my day they were not and it was a pain in the tail. Nice detail Framerman

Here is one i've been thinking about for trusses and have not seen.

Say your house is 24' wide. You order your trusses 28' with the bearing point back 2 feet on each side. No tail. You end up with your soffits preframed and with a little thinking you could have your soffit ply up and waiting for the trusses to drop down on.

I saw some garage builders do something similar by using a 2x4 top plate with a 2x12 top top plate. The 8" extra on the plate became the painted soffit and they just extended the ceiling joist and rafters out.

Of course you would have to work out the bearing point detail.


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The Duke
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Re: Hip Roof Truss System

yeah, they do that all the time here. raised heel is what they call them. They order just regular trusses with tails and you snub off the tail. It's OK, but if you blow your insulation in, you needs blockers for that and anywhere there is wind or earthquake would not allow this without some excessive hold downs and blocking which would amount to a boatload of work.

They don't bother with the blocking here for trusses. Joists either. Have not seen it once. It's pathetic to say I enjoy getting paid for not putting stuff in that you really should be putting in.
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Re: Hip Roof Truss System

Yup...I've been having my truss guys build exactly what you show for nearly 10 years now. sure does make things fast and easy.

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Re: Hip Roof Truss System

Fman, nice detail, very interesting to say the less, I will have my Truss designer check it out.

I know what you mean about the hip packages, half the time they dont even fit correctly, and all the hardware sucks up time and money!!
Ive built some pretty funky roofs with pre-builts, much rather hand frame them, and usually do if I can get away with it.
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The Duke
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Re: Hip Roof Truss System

Awesome, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought of that. It is so so simple.

What we get here is the jacks stop at the hip master 9' in. A hip girder is hung with a 6x hanger and beveled jacks into the side of the hip girder....all requiring hangers.

Then, when you get to the H1, H2, etc, the top chords go to the theoretical middle of the hip line. You can't run a hip up through. You have to cut little hips between the trusses. You can't cut them back because they're trusses and there's gussets there.

Then the layover is 2x's flat instead of on edge. Material for this needs to be provided by the client/HO/contractor.
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Re: Hip Roof Truss System

Almost all the hip sets we have used are like this.

According to http://www.alpeng.com Alpine Engineered Products a truss industry supplier, these hips sets are called a California hip set.

Also download this file from them for a look at a lot of other types of hip sets, and a lot of other types of trusses.



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