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Update For GoSmith

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Update For GoSmith

So a week before Christmas, I tried using GoSmith. To date, I've spent about $225 dollars and still have about 12-15 credits left. The week leading into Christmas, I had 3 leads in 3 days, 2 on the first day. All 3 never responded back to me. I didn't even send a quote, I was trying to set up an appointment as I could not give a quote without first visiting the job site for specifics so it's not like my quotes were so high they got turned off. I had called each one twice the day the requests came in and left them all a voicemail each. Nothing. I followed up on these clients about a week ago thinking maybe the holidays had been a bad time for them. 2/3 never picked up at all and the one had already found someone.

Since then, we have had 5 appointments and 2 completed jobs. 1 is still in the works after sending them a rendering for bathroom vanity remodel with a shelf and matching mirror. I'm glad I chose to check this out for myself and not believe what others have had said, although I did keep what others have said in mind. I just didn't let that override the urge to see for myself. I have found that my brother has used Smith sparingly for 2 years and they has completed dozens of jobs in that span doing handyman work. It that a lot? No. However, it could give you an opportunity to spread info about your business with business cards, magnets and word of mouth.

Guess it all depends on what type of work you do and how much time you're willing to spend to finish these jobs. If you're booked for weeks or months on a major project, Smith would be the last thing you considered but if things are slow or you specialize in handyman or painting jobs, etc. full time, it could be the boost or start you need to get things going. A small job always has the chance to become a bigger one if you meet the right people and do the job well. For 30+ years, my dad has built the company on word of mouth without a single ad so I know the importance of word of mouth. I also know times have changed and reviews have a bigger impact these days.

So for me personally, I've spent $225 in 3 weeks which resulted in $450 with a chance to land an $8K job which IMO, is a 50/50 shot. Small sample size but I still have credits left and getting good reviews on Smith is something I can use on our company pages. Since we have just started our online presence, this is actually more important than the bottom line. Hope this helps. I have gotten refunded for the jobs that never materialized and so that is very comforting. If things don't work out, it won't be money wasted, unless I get an appointment and things fall apart. If I never even get to that point, credits will be refunded.

If you included jobs I declined and requests that never happened due to clients not picking up or responding, there have had about 15 total requests since Christmas. Not a good ratio of responsive returns but it is what it is.

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Re: Update For GoSmith

Smith can be a good resource for getting your foot in the door.

After you sell yourself to the customer and give them contact info, they don't need to use the app again.

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Re: Update For GoSmith

Exactly what I was thinking, just don't expect to land a job that you are willing to do 75% of the time, for various reasons like not responding to your responses... at least so far in my limited sample size.
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