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Three Good Books For Improving Business

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Three Good Books For Improving Business

First, like myself, I met many people who dreaded reading books from a tablet. Three months ago, I finally downloaded Kindle to my tablet and I wish I had started reading from the tablet several years ago. Now, I can take all my books everywhere I go, make notes as I read and I can read about 4 times faster. I take my tablet with me 24/7 when in the field and when my wife is shopping at the mall I sit somewhere for a few hours and read.

At first, I did not like the idea that you sort of don't own a physical copy of the book and you cannot take the book out of the Kindle and transfer the book to a hard drive, but the tradeoffs are the online books at Amazon cost about 30% less and you can sync each book to your pc, phone, tablet at the same time for the cost of one book. So, if you don't happen to have your tablet with you then you can continue to read from your phone.

Sometimes I read entire books and a high percent of the information does not apply, but it takes only one piece of information that can improve your business life, personal life at the same time and earn you alot of money.

One very good book is NO B.S. Referrals. This is a terrific book that talks about how much it costs to get each customer, why and how to reduce that cost to almost nothing by using the methods in the book to get more referrals and by retaining customers and turning them into clients.

The book talks about the same philosophy that Walt Disney used to 'WOW' patrons at Disneyland. I spent many years looking for something that would 'wow' my customers and after reading this book I did come up with something I can give my customers they will keep in their kitchen or living room for the rest of their life. This item is so beautiful it makes customers cry when I give it to them and the items costs less than $3.

NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! I am, will not and do not sell items. I cannot tell you what this item is because I do not want my competition to find out what I am doing. Surely, the competition will find out someday, but I spent many years looking for this item and I don't want to give it to the competition for free. Think hard and find your own item to give to your customers. Read the book. No!!! I am not the author and have nothing to do with the book.

Another terrific book is Be Obsessed Or Be Average. I seriously love the way this book is written because the author is down-to-earth and he writes the way he sees it. There are a few things in this book that I think can change the way both business owners and employees think. Some of the quotes I made in the previous thread came from this book. If both business owners and employees read this book then the employees and owner can align with what each other's goals are. When those goals don't align then this book will make the owner's decision-making easier to terminate the employees and seek employees who align. Overall, I think there are some tacky things said in the book, but there are also things that seriously changed the way I do business with my employees and for the better.

The third book is How To Win Friends and Influence People. The original book was written in something like 1936 by Dale Carnegie, but the current book must have been updated by a relative. This book teaches talks about how to become successful by helping people rather than trying to push your goods. I love the way this book talks about the changes caused by modern times and how people treat each other as a result of technology. I think this is a very critical book for understanding how people think and how to do networking at all levels and especially how to do networking with you are at events.

Now that I am using Kindle I read the same books several times. Kindle makes it super easy to skim through books after you read them the first time. Then, I downloaded an app where I can copy paragraphs from pages and paste the paragraphs into the app.

Read No B.S. Referrals and go find the gift that will 'WOW' your customers and turn them into evangelists and clients for life. This books talks alot about how bad businesses keep bombarding customers with ads and never give customers something that make them clients.
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Re: Three Good Books For Improving Business

The above is a rather long introduction, so here is another for you all to consider. I have been in the industry for years and have heard so many contractors talk about it.

There was an original version and then they re-did it again as some time passed.

My instinct is there are some people here who would vouch for the book or Michael Stone and his company (Construction Programs & Results).


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