Smith Aka Aka Friend Trusted

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Re: Smith Aka Aka Friend Trusted

Biggest waste of time EVER!!
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Re: Smith Aka Aka Friend Trusted

Yeah not sure if this is against the rules.
But f#ck go Smith.
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TEMubtexas (04-11-2016)
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Re: Smith Aka Aka Friend Trusted

Originally Posted by David K View Post
This keeps spamming my phone with texts "job avail near you". I've never even contacted them.
That's how I came to know them, text STOP!!! it should stop
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Thumbs down

Re: Smith Aka Aka Friend Trusted

I got a message (Katy homeowner ask you to call (555-555-5555) I called the number they gave me and the lady doesn't even live in Texas much less Katy and she has never heard of GoSmith until contractors like myself called her, none of which are in her city & state!!!

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Re: Smith Aka Aka Friend Trusted

Originally Posted by slocleaning View Post

Angies list advertises hugely on tv, I think they are just trying to drive up their stock price. I never heard of anybody using angies list outside of the commercials.


Cheers, Mike
I think about 75% of my business comes from Angie's List. I have had zero issues with them or the customers that I do work for. The other 25% is trimming new homes.
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Re: Smith Aka Aka Friend Trusted

Yeah these guys started texting me too. I thought it might be that my yodel marketer gave me up. They operate like thumbtack, I didn't like them either. There are lots of strokes out there getting quotes for when they win the lottery, I did reply to a few of the requests and got a appointment on the cuff from them. The guy I went to see wanted a estimate to respond somebodies survey bust of nine inches. I charged him for the estimate (he will probably just beat somebody over the head with it). If I get the work it won't be for months and then there are other ways to take care of his concerns. Gosmith is blowing up my phone though with quotes in locations a hour drive from me. They ain't too smart I am guessing. Why would I bid work in riverside if I am in Burbank? Why don't they have requests from the San Fernando valley? Has anyone gotten a request for a burbank quote from them? La Canada? La crescenta? Montrose? Glendale even? They want 14-20 bucks for the pleasure of getting jerked off in Fullerton, I am not going to use them.
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Re: Smith Aka Aka Friend Trusted

I am new to ContractorTalk, and stumbled upon it when searching for reviews on GoSmith, as I received a lead from the today that appeared to be in my area. My wife researched them and found your thread about them.

I wanted to say THANK YOU for all of the information you provided about them. It's definitely not a service I have time for. I have done a few others that were a waste of my time and certainly don't need another one. Although I'm busy off repeat customers and referrals, I try to keep an open mind for new business. But anymore these companies seem to be scams.
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Re: Smith Aka Aka Friend Trusted

Hey guys, I was looking for some info on Smith and found this forum. So I've started using this for about 2 weeks now. I've had 2 leads requesting quote last Thursday, left 2 messages each... nothing. Got a request today, left a message and a reply via Smith, nothing. Granted, I did get these leads around Christmas and New Years so I'll wait a few more days and then I'm asking for a refund. Worth a shot IMO. We do all kind of work from remodeling, renovation, painting, custom furniture, drywall, etc. so we could use most of these job listings if they ever call back or pick up. I got a message today for a job at 8:30 AM. I called back within 30 minutes, strange. If you're willing to give me an appointment that early and I return your call and leave a message, it seems to me you'd want to return it ASAP. Why else request a quote at 8:30?

Anyway, this forum looks informative and I'll stick around. I was looking to get a support phone number and found it here, thanks. Too bad it's automated and no customer support. I was wondering, what's to stop people looking for leads to post your website info, contact info in the Smith profile to bypass using up credits and the middle man? We'll find out. If there's no support doing anything to help paying members for simple answers like "how do I send people my profile link" or "how can I edit the pictures I've posted", they may not check for posting contact info in your business profile.

Now, if this is a scam and based on these posts, it very well might be 90% BS leads with 10% that follow through, it starts to make more sense. Regardless, I'm happy I got some answers and reviews on what others have experienced, so at worst, I'll lose $150 and not keep feeding this site. I will report back within the week if I'm 0/3 or I actually get a return call or I speak to a person via these leads, let alone start work. I was pretty optimistic about Smith but now, meh. Not anymore.

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Re: Smith Aka Aka Friend Trusted

These guys are a scam. Think about it, they have no physical address.
I bet they are from India..
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Re: Smith Aka Aka Friend Trusted

Why would anyone pay to speak to a customer? That sends a message about yourself.

There are plenty and infinite ways to use the internet to have a market presence
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Re: Smith Aka Aka Friend Trusted

If you got a free lead from them chances are they have a site set up with your name and 5 5star(fake) reviews. I have one, and didn't even know it.
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Re: Smith Aka Aka Friend Trusted

I started randomly getting texts from them as well. However I can say that 2 of my existing clients have come through them. I could have possibly gotten a few more but was skeptical when i first started getting the texts. I don't get a whole lot of leads through them, as I live in a small town and am only at the moment willing to travel 40 miles or less. Unless the price is right.
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Re: Smith Aka Aka Friend Trusted

I just started to receive the texts I was skeptical of course, it seems there have been a few success stories though. Maybe it is worth checking out. I will let you know if i get any contacts and customers out of it. Another line in the water eh?
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Re: Smith Aka Aka Friend Trusted

We got a text two years ago that a customer needed a quote. Didnt realize it was SmithPro as we had just signed up for another app. bought 8 credits so we could answer. There is a huge lag time in responses to customers and back to contractor. I even wrote and complained and received a brush off answer. We did get the job. But never got another one after. Stopped using them for over a year, and popped on today. Had 20 plus job leads, all for today. The 3 remaining credits we should have had were gone with the latest credit used 3 months ago. I requested refunds for those credits. So stupidly I bought $48 dollars more that only allowed for 3 contacts. Screwed up and opened one I already read and it took my last credits. Called one and couldnt get through so emailed this person to their personal gmail account.. no response, used Smithpro to contact the other one and no response I highly suggest that as contractors STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.. They are not a reliable lead source! They will take your money but you will NOT get any contract work after the first one.
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Re: Smith Aka Aka Friend Trusted

Also, they seem to be affiliated with Porch.

It seems some contacts I've made with the leads i got from Smith said they got ahold of me using

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Re: Smith Aka Aka Friend Trusted

All these guys market themselves using the same techniques you might use. They do Adwords, display ads, native ads etc to get leads. They make money in two ways. First many of them sell the lead to a bunch of companies. So a lead that cost them $10 might yield them $50 in revenue. Second thing they do is use more of the leads than you could. Suppose they pay and you pay $10 for a lead from Adwords.

I do replacement windows, so assume I get a lead for reglazing windows which I don't do. I just spent $10 for a bad lead. Gosmith will take it send it to handyman services and make money off it.

Between those two methods they can effectively compete against you for leads.

Bottom line is they are not dishonest (usually) but they may not be the best leads you could get. Best thing to do is test some of these services out and see how they play, while doing your own marketing as well.

Blue Sky Glass Bellevue WA
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Re: Smith Aka Aka Friend Trusted

Hi to all, last year I received several msg's from gosmith, as a painting company, we are always looking for new prospects(other than referrals, which I'm not excluding) I tried them last year, and was ripped of at first, until I started complaining via texts, they returned my money, the only problem I have with them is that the leads seem to be invalid, either no ones home, after leaving msgs on the phone, texting and emailing, but what is good, is that they will return your money, which is a good thing.


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