Site Re-Design Feedback

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Site Re-Design Feedback

Were in the process of re-designing our website and would love to get some feedback from others who are in the biz.



You can visit the site here >
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Re: Site Re-Design Feedback

Looks like a nice improvement visually! When you're done I always like to run it through this:

Looking forward to seeing the finished product.


Lane Rizzardini
Driving leads for contractors through complete digital marketing solutions.
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Re: Site Re-Design Feedback

I still see the old site at that link

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Re: Site Re-Design Feedback

It looks like a big upgrade, but does the new site use a slider? I wanted on on our site until the designer talked me out of it.
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JBM (06-29-2017)
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Re: Site Re-Design Feedback

Originally Posted by AquaFloLI View Post
It looks like a big upgrade, but does the new site use a slider? I wanted on on our site until the designer talked me out of it.
I agree, various results show sliders are a no go.
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Re: Site Re-Design Feedback

Originally Posted by AquaFloLI View Post
It looks like a big upgrade, but does the new site use a slider? I wanted on on our site until the designer talked me out of it.
Maybe the service providers who more then likely have split tested this can chime in on their data....
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Re: Site Re-Design Feedback

The link still goes to the old site for me (unless I am doing something wrong) but the new image looks 1000 times better than the old site. What I will suggest is having a CTA straight off the bat. We've seen this make a massive difference.

You definitely want to stay away from a slider is possible. The fact that there's a lot of conversation about it means it's just better to not have one. Play safe.
Website design and marketing for contractors
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Re: Site Re-Design Feedback

I have a bit of feedback even though it looks great!

- The popup after 30 or so seconds is a little off-putting. If I’m still browsing and haven’t decided yet, the popup is just an annoyance to an otherwise great experience. If you really want the popup, it should have a contact form for a free quote instead of just a number.
- The footer is broken I’m sure you know so I won’t add the reasons why
- On the about page it says “Our Team” but only has one person below
- The title “Thank you for your interest in …. “ also is overwhelming. I think “Our History” would be great there since it’s already a big set of text
- Adding a few photos of your work to the about page may be nice
- I think the clients you’ve worked with are so impressive they should be highlighted more obviously on the home and contact pages
- The header image on the main page is generic, I think a photo of an impressive past job would really make it stand out
- The “We are honored to hold” section is a little off and it would be better if they were all displayed in a line instead of having the tab through them like a slider
- The whole job is too big or too small section (icon, heading, paragraph) I think can be removed. The pictures are self explanatory and very impressive so they sell themselves (There’s already a lot of text above that section so right into pictures would look great.)
- The bottom and top of all the pages should have a call to action to take people to either your contact us page or portfolio page
- The service page would be great for a tabbed section that has all your services, a short writeup and pictures
- The contact form needs to be styled but I’m sure you know that

Anyway, I think it looks great otherwise! Very cool.
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pathbuilder (08-12-2017)
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Re: Site Re-Design Feedback

Hi Ryan,

It's a big improvement upon your previous website so good on ya.

I have a few notes in regards to pure lead generation that hopefully will be helpful to you.

1) You want to make it as easy as possible for your visitor to contact you.

You do have your phone number big and bold in the top right corner. Nicely done.

And you have an exit popup, which is great.

But be sure to have a form preferably above the fold (meaning before you scroll down) allowing people to leave their name and number in case they can't call or don't want to call or want to download a free item of yours.

You can entice them to fill out the form by offering a free estimate, free consultation, or an equivalent offer that's more appropriate for your industry.

2) Make sure you have the proper tags and pixels set up before driving traffic to your site.


This includes making sure your Analytics pixel is working (it looks like it may be faulty)

Google Remarketing Tag

Even if you're not running AdWords, still have your Remarketing Pixel on your site so that you can track everyone who visits. If you do this, you can advertise to those people later even if they're not on your site.

To install your Google Remarketing Tag, follow this link ( and click on "Setting up remarketing for the first time"

Facebook Tracking Pixel

This is similar to the Google's tag, but here you can advertise with Facebook. Even if you're not advertising on Facebook now, you may want to down the line. Either way, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by keeping installing this free pixel.

Side Note

You may want to consider experimenting with Facebook advertising. For $50, you could reach up to 40,000 residents. I would whittle down even further so your ads are only showing up in front of people who have a good potential to hire you.

If you have any question any questions, please feel free to let me know.
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Re: Site Re-Design Feedback

New site looks great. Putting one together can be an extremely challenging process, so kudos on an awesome job. Here's one more piece of feedback:

Two of your subpages (/references and /services) look like they are using blog post formatting. Both have related posts on the side bar and the author of the page at the bottom, which kind of does not make sense for these pages.

Overall it looks excellent!
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Re: Site Re-Design Feedback

Looks really good so far. I like how direct and uncluttered it is. The only weird thing is your "we are honored to hold" section. Why not just put all that on one screen instead of using a spinner thing?
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Re: Site Re-Design Feedback

Looks great! Definitely a way better layout than before and much more modern. Nice work. As a suggestion, I would also include any social validation that you have on your company specifically reviews from Yelp, Facebook and/or Google. Also, any before and after photos would be a nice touch on the homepage as well. You want to communicate the problem you're solving for your clients visually.


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