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I'm glad you took my post in the spirit in which I intended. After sending it, I realized it might have sounded a bit condescending, so thanks for being a good sport! By the way, that check image is hysterical! Is it for real?
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Warning: The topics covered on this site include activities in which there exists the potential for serious injury or death. ContractorTalk.com DOES NOT guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information contained on this site. Always use proper safety precaution and reference reliable outside sources before attempting any construction or remodeling task!




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Originally Posted by carolpetroccia View Post
I'm glad you took my post in the spirit in which I intended. After sending it, I realized it might have sounded a bit condescending, so thanks for being a good sport! By the way, that check image is hysterical! Is it for real?
No problem, I know my own skill sets and the English language isn't my best .

I'm afraid that pic is real, s o u n d it out , lol
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I would say SEO all the way. I have put alot into my seo campaigns and they tend to pay off to the dollar way better than PPC. my website ranks pretty high for "kitchen exhaust cleaning Philadelphia" we get plenty of traffic for that keyword alone!!

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sunwestoc (07-06-2017)
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Originally Posted by carolpetroccia View Post
While I do agree with your comment about the previous post beginning with "I seen your post", I feel compelled to point out that your comment also contained a couple of glaring errors, i.e., "a literally scholar" (I believe you meant "literary", and then the word "sentence" was spelled incorrectly (sentence NOT sentance) followed by the word "our" (?).

In addition to owning a tile contracting company, I am a medical transcriptionist, so I'm a stickler for proper English grammar and spelling. With spell checkers and grammar checkers being part of almost every aspect of online text writing nowadays, we should all make use of them in order to put our best foot forward, since the written word is often our customer's first impression of us.

Happy Independence Day to all!
Those jumped out at me as well.

What's really funny is how often you see this kind of stuff on web sites.
Steve Chittenden (aka cbscreative)
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Hi Asia and Phil,

Phil, if you're ever in LA, stop by Villains and roll with us. It's a great studio: http://villainsjj.com/

Everyone in this thread has made really good suggestions. The biggest point is that PPC and SEO are best when working together. That in fact goes for all your marketing platforms.

My one note on PPC is if you're not doing it already, experiment with "Call-Only" ads. The reason I say this is because you mentioned that you perform a lot of emergency services, so call-only ads will allow people to call you as fast as possible, without even having to visit your site.

About call-only ads

You may also want to look at how other emergency service industries write their ads. These can include water remediation companies, personal injury lawyers, etc.

Looking at your other services, there are some other ways you can improve.

  1. If you're pushing your "New Garage Doors", then you definitely want to add images of your garage door selection on that page
  2. I'm assuming new garage door installation wouldn't be considered an emergency service, in which case I would also recommend you use Facebook advertising because it's cheap, offers insane targeting capabilities and it's very visually appealing (something I would imagine is important to people wanting a new garage door)

Now there are plenty of ways to promote your company via Facebook and you can experiment with them. You can also try advertising on Instagram.

But as an 80/20 principle, I would say to do these 3 things:

1) Set Up A Free Facebook Business Manager Account

Don't advertise on your personal Facebook account. Rather, use Facebook's Business Manager. It offers you way more control and capabilities.

You can create your account by going here: business.facebook.com.

You can follow this video for help if you'd like.

2) Install Your Free Facebook Tracking Pixel

Most people will be "shopping around" and comparing you with others, so they're going to leave your site. If they're already on your site, then leave and you have to pay to get them back via PPC, that sucks right? And if they never come back, that sucks even more!

So track them. You can do this using something called "retargeting".

You've seen this in action when you have visited a site, then leave and see their ads everywhere. The reason they can do that is because of that tracking pixel.

You can do this with AdWords too and you definitely should, but also do it with Facebook.

I wrote about it in another thread (https://goo.gl/euwJBb), which you can check out if you'd like.

You can follow along with this video if you need help

3) Only advertise in the Newsfeed

When you're ready to launch your ads, I would only advertise on the Newsfeed at the beginning and not the side ads. You can see the difference in the following image.

Your ads are bigger and they're front and center.


Facebook, like everything, takes some experimenting.

But you can do it super cheap. Start with $5 a day.

At first, you'll want to advertise to a new audience, but what's cool is that you can target only people who would be your customers.

So for example, you can set it up so that your ads are only shown to "home owners" in "Yorba Linda", though I would recommend starting a little broader at the beginning.

When you have that working, you can activate your retargeting campaign which will show ads to people who have left your site. Just be sure that tracking pixel is in place so it's gathering leads.

Hope this helps!

Let me know how it goes
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sunwestoc (07-20-2017)
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have you tried facebook ads, it's really cheap. I use it for branding..

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Arlington, TX 76013
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sunwestoc (07-20-2017)
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@sunwestoc a decent software you might want to look at is called YEXT.

It is a centralized platform that will push a consistent name, address, phone, to over 70 online directories including the big boys like Google, Facebook, YELP, Bing, etc. It also lets you update your products, services, hours, etc.

The basic package costs $449/year and is worth every penny if you are serious about trying to pick up your SEO/Local SEO. It would take you well more 40 hours just to find, claim, add, and update your listings on the 70+ sites it will do with one click.



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