Pick Up Artists Guide To Sealing The Deal. Close That Sale!

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Pick Up Artists Guide To Sealing The Deal. Close That Sale!

I was reading one this forum members minds a little while ago and was able to selectively deduce the following, ehhhh, sometimes appropriate sales closing techniques from all of the gooble gook that was transpiring in his mind.

Here are some of the highlights that I was able to record for posterity purposes. Please see if you can put these thoughts into actual practice, as this is a Friday night, and ..... Hey! What the heck are you reading this forum for??? You should be out cruising and creating your own personal case study to discuss in depth.

Good Reading.


Yesterday I did a brief outline on what was in the sales literature on
handling objections. Today I am going to attempt to address closing (this is
a much more difficult task). It is not an easy thing to write about. There
are whole books out there on this stage of the sales process alone. Suffice
to say that it is by far the most important. You can be perfect at the other
5 steps, but if you can not close, and ask for a call to action then you can
not sell (or get a f**k).

In fact salesmen say that there are 2 types of people in sales: The salesman
(who is better than simply an ordertaker; at least he can so some things on
his own ... if he is good he can generate leads, meet and initiate
conversation, elicit values, support the sale, handle objections, and
attempt to close). The other type is The Closer (he is the man that can
really deliver. He can sell, charm and hold the customer to the deal).
Closing a sale is the most important skill a sales person (or PUA) needs.
You can be charismatic, come up with the best leads, have incredible
presentation skills, but if you can't close, you can't sell (or PU).

There are three steps to closing a sale and they are:

A. Recognising the Time to Close
B. Deciding on Your Closing Technique
C. Making the Closing Statement

In recognising the time to close you need to watch your customer. (Needless
to say, Value needs to have been created first but some customers may know
they need your product before you open your mouth. You can just walk up to
the customer and close ... I have seen guys just walk up take a girl by the
hand and lead her out of a bar without a word ... CLOSERS). You close too
early (value has not been created or objections have not been overcome) you
loose the sale. You close too late, the customer is out of their
enthusiastic state, you will fall flat on your face again. Watch her state
and see the opportunity. In fact the whole time you are with her you should
be looking for that window of opportunity to close. Closing is the only
reason you are even there.

Some relevant closing techniques from sales I will outline below, but there
needs to be a technique. In the PU situation, I would use them for a #close,
or a date close (i.e. getting her out of the bar, or the supermarket queue
into a coffee shop or your home to see whatever it is that you say you want
to show them). It is a call for action. I make the reservation that you
should not use a verbal close to get her answering the question "Shall we go
and f**k?". This defies chick logic. Just get her to your house.

The closing statement needs to be smooth and delivered with confidence. This
is not a time for Umms and Ahhs. Once you have decided on your technique,
you are ready to make the closing statement. It is time to ask for the order
(or number or to leave together). There are some considerations that you
should understand so that your efforts to close will be successful:

* Stay in your normal discussion mode and tone. Don't telegraph what you are
going to do by a change in posture or tone of voice.
* Remember that you are asking for the order but don't pressure for a sale.
Move slowly but deliberately to the next step in the process, if there is
* Expect your close to fail if you have not provided the value needed by the
prospect. Don't discount the failure, learn from it and do better next time.
* Ask questions if the close fails to determine what went wrong and see if
you can salvage the situation (the more high pressure the close you use, the
more you are going to have to work to retrieve the situation).

Okay, now for some of the techniques. See my post "Field report: A killer
#close including overcoming BF objections"
26921569650 for a field report using many of these techniques. I know the
close is far from perfect, but you can see my sales training shining through
in it. It includes the yes ladder, an invitational close (crossed with the
puppy dog, "try me, I am free"), fear factor close and pre-emptive objection
strike (I'll be discrete). I reckon that I got the f**k largely on the
strength of this close.

The main reason customers say "no" is a fear of making a decision. They say
"no" even if they want to buy from you. So, when a customer says "no," you
must re-sell by creating more value, or building up the required state and
close again. In order to do this, you must have more than one close to use.
Otherwise, they will leave and go f**k your competitor. Here are some:

The Power of Suggestion Close (called in NLP, time distortion) Help your
customers to see themselves using your product. Speak to them as though they
already owned it, and tie in a hot button benefit to its use: "When you use
these vitamins and herbs, after only a few weeks you'll notice that you have
more energy and that you feel healthier." or from in a pattern "Imagine us
at the coffee shop laughing together and having a good time, and later you
being at home feeling that you had a really good time and enjoyed yourself
spending time with me over coffee. Now when you think about what I am
saying, and all those feelings that I am talking about, doesn't it just make
sense that we go and have coffee together now?"

The Direct Close. (high risk, she could say "no", then she owns that no, and
you have to prove her wrong.) The obvious and most frequently used close is
the direct approach of asking for the order. Once you are sure in your mind
that you have done everything possible to overcome objections, and if you
feel that you can fulfill the prospects need, go for it. "If we want to
continue this conversation another time, I will need your phone number, here
is my pen."

The Invitational Close. If you want it, you have to ask for it. Don't just
wait for the customer to say, "I'll take it." They don't. Create the value,
then invite them to do it. Say, "Why don't you give it a try? Go ahead and
do it."

The Option Close. The more options you give someone, the better your chances
to close."Our truck is in this area twice a week, do want delivery on
Wednesday or Friday?" "Do you want this charged to your Visa or MasterCard?"
"I'll be in your area on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, which would be a
better night for us to catch up and have coffee?" These choices require a
commitment and "no" is not offered as an option.

The yes ladder close (TokyoPUA calls this one the yes-set). The yes ladder
close builds a chain of "yes's" to questions the salesperson asks to help
lead the customer into saying yes to the sale. To put the customer in the
habit of saying yes, ask questions you're sure will get affirmative answers.
See that field report for an example.

The Puppy Dog Close (also called the Free Trial close) This close gets its
name from the pet store closing technique of letting customers hold the
animal they want to make it harder to resist, and even let them take it home
for a week. This close lets your buyers see for themselves your product's
quality. Make sure your customers hold, taste, feel, wear, try out your
product, take it home for a week even and bond with it. Let the prospect use
your product or service for a specified period of time with the
understanding that you will pick up a signed order after the trial period.

The Fear-Factor Close. This is very powerful because you are playing on
people's uncertainties, insecurities and fears. People want products and
services which minimize their risks whether it is personal or property
related. "This water purifier will protect you and your family from some of
the deadliest forms of bacteria in the water." Hard to implement, but I did
it with that $5 close in the field report.

The Readiness Close
This close checks the client's "buying temperature." With it you can also
find out if you are on the right path with your presentation or if you need
to change course. The great thing about this close is that it doesn't end
your presentation but instead tells you what direction to go.
A. "Does this make sense to you?"
B. "How do you feel about this so far?"
C. "Is this what you wanted?"
D. "Is this an improvement for you?"
Not sure how to implement this last one, and have been thinking about it
because it is so LOW risk. Any ideas?
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Re: Pick Up Artists Guide To Sealing The Deal. Close That Sale!

Good little article on Closing which I agree with the writer, is the most important section of selling. In the end, the most vital thing is to "seduce" people to sign the dotted line for a new job for you. Makes me want to set up senarios on each of his closing techniques with the way to do it and questions for the people to answer so I'm ready for my selling future. Good article Ed. How's your Friday Night? You will probably wake up soon being Saturday morning. All the best!


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Re: Pick Up Artists Guide To Sealing The Deal. Close That Sale!

I was doing a Google search on, "Trial Closes To Make The Sale" and this sex site came up on how to pick up chicks and get laid showed up on about the 3rd or 4th page of the results and I just found it humorous that sakes extend beyond selling consumer goods.

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Re: Pick Up Artists Guide To Sealing The Deal. Close That Sale!

There's an entire community dedicated to this... Books, seminars, forums, etc....

The show on VH1 last year called "The Pick-Up Artist" was based on this.

If you're interested in further study, I highly recommend Robert's Greene's Books:

The Art of Seduction
The 48 Laws of Power
The 33 Strategies of War

They're excellent resources on social dynamics and the universal principles of power and persuasion.

Be careful, young Jedi...that you're not seduced to use these skills for the dark side...
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Re: Pick Up Artists Guide To Sealing The Deal. Close That Sale!

So, the Jedi Master has researched this topic extensively, huh.

Yeah right, I was just googling Trial Closes, sure.....


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Re: Pick Up Artists Guide To Sealing The Deal. Close That Sale!

That is an interesting analogy....closing a deal is like picking up a girl - I think that has some merit



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