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Need Help With SEO

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Re: Need Help With SEO

1. If you're local, you need to get back up on Google Maps/Business.
2. Again if you're local, you need to get local indexes.
3. If you have an ecommerce store, you'll want to expand from just local seo marketing.

And don't go cheap with your seo. But definitely get back on google maps/business.
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Re: Need Help With SEO

Rankings will vary for a variety of reasons
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Re: Need Help With SEO

OK, quick questions:

Q1) Is this Nick or Veronika or someone else using the forums just to get insight and traffic to the site? Or perhaps another site? I ask since one person's name is associated to the account while another answers randomly to the forum post (who never ever answered the original call I made a lonnnngggg time ago as promised). I randomly call every so often whenever I see these posts, and there is never a reply to the messages. Figured I would just let community members be aware before spending so much time in the virtual world.

My point is, if this is genuine, why have we never spoken as promised? And then these elaborate SEO updates come along that do not seem to match the specifics of the website or how the original offline inquiry looked.

I am sure my comments can be taken the wrong way to the OP, but I have spoken to enough people here over the years and just sense the community is not communicating with the right person. And if I am wrong, I will update everyone whenever that time comes, but for now it has never come, for a long time.

Q2) This address is quite unique, so is this a regional thing?
N88W16726 Appleton ave, Menomonee Falls

Perhaps we are missing a space between the two eights and the W in the above?

Q3) When you map the above address the first picture is a parking lot with a blue truck. So perhaps you upload pictures that would be inviting as a remodeling company to offset someone else getting confused (if that matters)?

And a final statement, not to whomever is the real person posting here, but to other forum members in general. If you go to the site , you will see an example of someone who perhaps should just hire a company to take over this important aspect of the business.

No way will they be able to do this on their own in a random piece meal format as it seems to be happening now. Why do I say this?

* It is not focused well on the remodeling business the way it could be.
* It is not going to give the showroom its cosmetic appeal
* A shopping cart is being added which will be a separate distraction
* The OP, or whomever is doing these posts, is randomly approaching the website with just random topics to approach at random times.

Sure, some of the things will work here and there, but it will catch up to them as time goes by.

I commend the forum folk who are randomly supporting the original questions, but just note that something is not right. I would sooner suggest you help others, or do a post on your own blogs or facebook or website updates.

I am assuming a response will eventually come from mmp in order to keep the thread alive to support whatever it is they are doing. And when you reply, let's begin with "why can't we ever talk, for a long time, with no replies to the voice messages or emails?" You have "always" said "soon with some reason or another, have no time, etc., etc., but then come back here for these updates that just do not match how you sounded in your communications." My intents were good based on your original inquiry and then "silence and excuses yet the forum posts keep coming with more and more details that I am questioning are actually coming from you."

I would come back to update members you are genuine after we speak.

Until then, go to the original comments you made above, excluding the others you made to me on the private communications, and we will keep it at that. Have a nice start to the week everyone.
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Re: Need Help With SEO

Having someone that knows your business is important. These large SEO shops are worthless. I use a company that specializes on small service business. Their name is inside edge. I think their web site is ourinsideedge.

Air Health Services


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