Google Ad Words Question

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Google Ad Words Question

I am thinking of doing google ad words, My question is this- do i do it directly through google ? Is that the best way?
How do most home improvement company’s do it?

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Re: Google Ad Words Question

You go through Google-My Business if you want to do it yourself. Set up the account and go after your keywords. There's lots of info on Google and YouTube for assistance.

I prefer organic results but the SEO takes a while. Adwords is good for a quick bump, or getting started.


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Re: Google Ad Words Question

Originally Posted by jhutch View Post
You go through Google-My Business if you want to do it yourself. Set up the account and go after your keywords. There's lots of info on Google and YouTube for assistance.

I prefer organic results but the SEO takes a while. Adwords is good for a quick bump, or getting started.
Good reply plus I just wanted to add ... Depending on your existing website, your interest to learn the basics, and your budget. Some will give it a try on their own, and you may have good results. You may wind up with bad results, which can be reflective on how you advertise and bid as well as your landing pages not being Call-To-Action driven. The good news is you will limit your downside based on your daily and overall budgets.

Some website companies will do this as an extra service, and some do this really well while others treat it as passive income. So if you decide to pay someone, then perhaps you will consider hiring someone external to whomever does the website.

I couldn't give you as pointed an answer without knowing more about your business. As a side note, I have been assisting many Great Lakes Window contractors over the last year so that is why I went to try to look for the details of your background, the window specifics and the territory you target. Best wishes.

Brian aka MOTB
Helping contractors find work with website marketing education & strategy planning

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Re: Google Ad Words Question

The easiest way is to do it through Google my business, but I use a marketing agency for this. We pay just the basic package for adwords, content on the website and optimizing, as well as social media. Adwords alone can give quick results but it's much better when there are other digital marketing activities that support each other.
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Re: Google Ad Words Question

Don't just blindly throw money at an seo company and think it's going to yield results. Many people lose a lot of money this way.

There is also adwords express which is a simplified version of adwords.

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Re: Google Ad Words Question

I liked this post a lot. Actually I was also in need of these details for my blog’s Google Adwords Management campaign. It is not easy to run this campaign without proper knowledge that’s why I am learning the skills through video tutorials. Hopefully will be able to run the successful campaign.

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Re: Google Ad Words Question

I found that trying to manage adwords myself was hard and took a lot of time. Now I pay a person to manage it for me. They are better at getting sewer repair leads than I ever was and they save me hours a month trying to do it myself.

Aces Four
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Re: Google Ad Words Question

Be careful of companies that sell you package deals of clicks. They really scam you. You are best to do it yourself or hire an independent person to manage it for you. My excavation business is pretty specialized and I have found that having a specialist that really knows Google and my business has been very helpful. I know backhoes and he knows google. We are good.

All Seasons Earthworks
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Re: Google Ad Words Question

If you want to dive all in, I would recommend using the full Google AdWords interface versus AdWords Express, which is offered through Google My Business. The link to create a Google AdWords account is below.

The full interface offers significantly more control, options, and features than AdWords Express and taking the time to use it will improve your results.

You can also call 855-325-7958 to talk with a specialist while setting up.

Note to mods - that phone number is taken right off the Google AdWords homepage and not a backdoor to generate calls to my business.
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Re: Google Ad Words Question

The best course of action is to educate yourself first how it works because many companies out there try to overprice you with their service.

I think with the right tools and knowledge, Google Adwords can really be useful in a successful campaign.
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Re: Google Ad Words Question

Personally, I fully optimize my company with both adwords and organic search.
There are a few ways to go about with adwords. Another post mentioned viewing tutorials ( very good suggestion ) and highly recommend.

I highly recommend going online and learning yourself. To get a google adword campaign going isnt hard. View a tutorial and simply get 2-3 keywords on a campaign up and running to get the idea and then once u start to see the way it functions then simply pause that campaign and start a new- more efficient campaign with more keywords.

It is extremely easy to simply outsource your adwords to an agency. Keep in mind that if not properly optimized, you will blow through your daily budget which is why i suggest doing it yourself. Once you learn it ( 2-3 days) then you can optimize it properly.

Amazingly, I have found that when the google reps call offering suggestions, I know the system inside and out and find them offering tips that will not benefit. This comes from self learning and understanding the adwords system.


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