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Surf Shack Modeled In Sketchup

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Surf Shack Modeled In Sketchup

Nephew saw this in an online article that included photos and a short video of the build. Movie producer and girlfriend commissioned an artist/woodworker to do them a tiny house on a beachfront lot somewhere in Hawaii.

Nephew wants to do a down and dirty copy without the bells and whistles of the prototype.

All the right buttons got hit for Mr Movies: small footprint, sustainability, artistry. They used reclaimed redwood for the project, and shipped it (oil-fueled freighter) to Hawaii from California. The 1,000 bf of material for the frame probably cost $20 per by the time they got it to the site.

I modeled it as best I could from the pics and video. Has a steep staircase/ladder with winder bottom going up to a sleep loft big enough for a king sized air mattress.

My model shows frame only and no siding. The designer/builder did an interesting detail in the frame that lets the interior wall finish look like the inside of a stud-framed thing with no interior finish.

Each 4x4 stud/post (it's all on about 24" centers) is rebated on the two edges so 3/4" t&g short infill planking can go in each bay, and permit a 1-3/4" chase for wiring and plumbing. I show a couple photos from the build so you can see what I mean.

The 3D model is available for download from the 3D Warehouse. Just search for "tiny house beach" and you'll find it.

I thought the circle windows upstairs were cool, and modeled the window frames as coopered elements. Each frame would be built using a couple 8-foot lengths of 2x6 clear redwood. An hour at the table saw to make the parts, another hour with a sheet of ply and a router and trammel to cut the inside and outside forms, some WestSystem slow cure epoxy, wax paper and band clamps, and voila! Two circular frames.

The video of the build shows a prototype circle frame being done this way.

Please don't tell me how the stairs and loft won't meet code. It looks as if the Hawaiians didn't care.

No shower, so they probably have one outside. And no closet anywhere. Who cares? All you wear there are tees, swim trunks, and flipflops. Wash off in the Pacific, shower off the salt, and have another beer.
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Surf shack modeled in Sketchup-2017-03-07_1119.png   Surf shack modeled in Sketchup-2017-03-07_1142.png   Surf shack modeled in Sketchup-200-sq-ft-house-jay-nelson-2.jpg   Surf shack modeled in Sketchup-200-sq-ft-house-jay-nelson-5.jpg   Surf shack modeled in Sketchup-200-sq-ft-house-jay-nelson-lead.jpg  

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Re: Surf Shack Modeled In Sketchup

Here are three screencaps from the video of the build. If you do a search for "Papaya ranch tiny house" I think you can find the vid, which is a Vimeo.

I paused it to show some detail of how the round window frames got built. It seems as if the builder did smaller prototypes before going full size. The strap reinforcement is probably recommended.

The pic that includes the person is of Jay, the designer-artist-woodworker-builder that did the project. You can see behind him, another prototype of a circular frame. I'm guessing he did a couple at scaled-up sizes before going to the full-sized ones needed at the upper gables.

It is an artistic element I'm certain my nephew won't do. He'll slam his version up with stud framing, OSB sheathing, some metal roofing left over from his barn project, live-edge pine claps from his buddy's sawmill, and for access up to the sleep loft, and old wooden ladder.
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Surf shack modeled in Sketchup-2017-03-07_2031.png   Surf shack modeled in Sketchup-2017-03-07_2032.png   Surf shack modeled in Sketchup-2017-03-07_2032_001.png   Surf shack modeled in Sketchup-2017-03-07_2033.png  


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