Storing Chemicals In Vehicle?

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Storing Chemicals In Vehicle?

There are some chemicals that I'd like to keep handy on my truck. Maybe some Zinsser 123. White semi-gloss. Substitute TSP. Some adhesives. Bleach. Whatever. But most of that stuff you have to "keep in a cool dry place" and/or "protect from freezing". Does anybody have a good way to keep that stuff handy while protecting it from extreme conditions in a vehicle? I really don't feel like babysitting it and carrying it inside all the time. Maybe there is a better approach.
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Re: Storing Chemicals In Vehicle?

As far as keeping stuff cool, good luck with that. But for cold temps, set your truck up with a shore power connection and run a light bulb or space heater, as applicable. Great thing about a space heater, you never have to scrape ice off your windshield in the morning.


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Re: Storing Chemicals In Vehicle?

Yes I keep that kind of stuff in my van.
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Re: Storing Chemicals In Vehicle?

Originally Posted by Dirtywhiteboy View Post
Yes I keep that kind of stuff in my van.
Do you even know what frost is 😄
As far as keeping things at temp... The only thing I can think of is to use a cooler, or insulated box.
I've kept acetone, pvc primer, silicone, and other common items in the bed of my truck throughout the seasons... And they've all gone to waste.
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Re: Storing Chemicals In Vehicle?

I bought one of these late last year for that purpose.

I still haven't put it in.

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Re: Storing Chemicals In Vehicle?

no issues as of yet in the Texas summer heat, although it wasn't above 102 last summer and my van is white.

I wouldn't put those chemicals in a sealed container, store them in an open box so they can breath. I would be concerned of pressure build up in a sealed container.

one thing I had thought of (never did) was to build a sealed container with a large vent tube that vented to the outside through the floor of the van. I have a large van, so there's a large volume of air to mix with any odors/vapors
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Re: Storing Chemicals In Vehicle?

I keep 123, acetone, putties, etc. in a Rubbermaid containers and bring them into the garage if it gets too hot or cold.
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Re: Storing Chemicals In Vehicle?

Build a box out of 2" foam and put a lizard heat mat in it so you can plug it in at night or at the job site. I think it's much safer than any space heater and it's also a lot more energy efficient.

The other thing I have done is just throw a couple gallon jugs of room temp or warm water in a large cooler and throw the things you will need that day into it. Coolers work both ways. That's what I used to do most of the time.


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