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Post Office Boxes

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Post Office Boxes

I m thing some delivery troubles out at our place. I figured the best at to avoid that would be to the my important lol sent to. P.O. box.

Two choices. UPS store or post office. They are across the street from each other, so either one would work.

Any thoughts on which is better? I assume I can get both mail and UPS deliveries at the UPS store, but only USPS deliveries at the post office.

I think the post office is accessible 24 hours a day, which would be nice.

Probably over thinking this.

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Re: Post Office Boxes

I have always used a PO Box for business address, some people think a non PO Box address that you would get at UPS store is beneficial, I don't think that part matters.

I am considering switching to the UPS store mainly to have a secure place for package delivery, and the lines at the post office suck


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Re: Post Office Boxes

Talk to the tellers at your USPS. A lot of the offices used to offer receipt of shipments from almost any courier service, in trying to compete with UPS Store etc. When we received a letter offering this service (at no charge) they recommended that we switch to using the address of the post office itself as the mail delivery service and not our PO Box. They would then put a note in the box when we had a package waiting and the tellers would retrieve it from the back. We don't use this option but it still may be available.

Additionally, the post office scans all of your mail in its routing process and they can email you a list of whatever is arriving that day. This also works for your home address also. Even if you don't have an interest in using it for a post office box you may want to establish it for your home, according to Brian Krebs.

I think that some UPS Stores offer a similar service, but charge extra for it.
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Re: Post Office Boxes

I have a PO box and have had some issues. I ordered a part for something and I needed it up and running. I think it was a bendix drive for a starter. Im watching the tracking number and it says it at the post office. I go down there and nothing in my box. I ask the lady working there and she "checks in back". Nope wasnt there today, or the next day, or the next day. About a week later I get it and my PO box number is written on it with the date it arrived a week earlier. I also get my mail already opened and Im not the only one.
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