Ice Melt Without Damaging Concrete??

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Ice Melt Without Damaging Concrete??

Had some runoff and a re-freeze on a driveway we had poured just recently, and am trying to figure out the best way to melt the 3" of ice we have on it, without damaging the concrete. I don't want to use chemicals or salt but do not know if there are any other options out there?? What works for you guys?
What other options do I have?

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Al Smith
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Re: Ice Melt Without Damaging Concrete??

16) What can I do to protect my concrete surfaces from ice melt damage? ANS: Ice melt usage will increase the number of freeze thaw cycles, which increase the risk of concrete scaling on the surface. Never use ice melt on concrete less than one year old. Clean off slush as soon as possible. Use of concrete sealers will help also.


Al Smith

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Re: Ice Melt Without Damaging Concrete??

Yeah, I know ice melt formulas cause concrete damage. I was looking for any other possible options to get rid of the ice. Thought some of you concrete guys would have some tricks.
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Re: Ice Melt Without Damaging Concrete??

I had a problem with new concrete on a job a few years ago which we thought was related to snow melt. After applying snow melt to the sidewalks the top surface started to scale. After speaking with the chemist from the snow melt manufacturer we realized that the damage was not from the snow melt but was because the concrete was not finished correctly which left the top of the concrete sidewalk defective. The chemist also told me that the snow melt can help protect the concrete surface. There is usually an 800 phone number on the snow melt bag. Call them and express your concerns with them.
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