GIVEAWAY: Danner Stronghold Boots

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Re: GIVEAWAY: Danner Stronghold Boots

Have been buying Sears die hard,if lucky,get two years,usually 1.5 though.
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Danner Stronghold Boots

I usually get about 5 months out of a pair, but my work boots are Merrell runners/hikers
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Danner Stronghold Boots

I get about 9 - 10 months out of a pair of work boots. My current pair of boots are Keen steel toe and are about 4 months old. I'm not sure they will make it to 10. My first try at Keen's.

I usually end up wearing boots out to the point that all the support is gone and my feet start to hurt pretty bad and get fatigued by the end of the day.

I wear my work boots everyday, I'm always kickin' around doing something outdoors or in the shop, and appreciate the safety toe that my "Sunday go to meetin'" hikers don't offer.
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Danner Stronghold Boots

I get 6 months to a year if lucky. I am also in the camp that when my feet or my back starts to hurt, it's time.

I have started wearing lighter weight boots, so it is a bit shorter life, but lighter at the end of the day.

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Re: GIVEAWAY: Danner Stronghold Boots

I would say I get about 2 years out of a pair of boots. To be fair, I have arctic boots I only wear when below freezing. I have Carolina loggers I'll wear as an all around boot and I have different low top and steel toes sneakers I'll wear at times during the heat of the summer.

I've honestly never heard of Danner boots, not sure if they're sold locally as I've never seen them in stores. But, if I win I'll be happy to post an update at the 6 month mark for feedback.
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Danner Stronghold Boots

I'm one of those guys that wear work boots all the time. I bought a pair of sneakers in 2017 to wear on a 5 day vacation. First pair I've owned in 15 years.

I've had many brands. Wolverine, Rocky, Carolina, Herman survivors, Danner.

Boots usually last about a year and a half.

My last pair of Danner boots were the most expensive boot I've ever bought and lasted the least about of time. The whole sole peeled right off.

Hopefully this new design holds up better.

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Re: GIVEAWAY: Danner Stronghold Boots

I alternate between summer and winter boots, and sometimes sneakers. My boots usually last me about 2-3 years.
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Danner Stronghold Boots

6 months to a year here, a pair red wings I may get a little more than a year....

I was really checking out the Danners last time I got new boots...
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John the Builder
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Danner Stronghold Boots

I get on average 2 years out of a pair of boots. Except when my framing nailer sank one through the side of one. That pair lasted 6 weeks.

Damned good boots they were too!
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Danner Stronghold Boots

I go through 2 pairs of boots per year, but the quality lately is Making my feet sore.
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Danner Stronghold Boots

1-1/2 Years for my Timberlands, red wings only go a year.
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Danner Stronghold Boots

I usually buy a new pair yearly but I have 4 pairs now one of them are Danner.
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Danner Stronghold Boots

I usually have several different pairs going at a time. Favorite is Wolverine 8" shaft with Cordura sides. Best boots I get.

Was convinced to try a shorter shaft. Tried a pair of Timberlands and hated them. Got a pair of Danner with a composite toe. Couldn't find the pair I wanted without it.

About a month later I found them without the comp toe. Too late.

And I HATE this composite toe. So I'm stuck until I wear them out. But my Wolverines are still going after to years. Probably replace them next year.
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Danner Stronghold Boots

I think I go threw about a pair a year. It's about time to replace them again.
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Danner Stronghold Boots

Burn through a pair about once a year usually some how it's always the right toe is the first to go

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Re: GIVEAWAY: Danner Stronghold Boots

My work boots last several years because usually I wear shoes instead.

My current pair of work boots are Danner and they have held up very well.
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Danner Stronghold Boots

I guess if my first answer was to vague, I replace my work boots with in a year
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Danner Stronghold Boots

When they wear out. I know it's a cope out, but it could be as quick as 9 months or as long as two years. I have been through so many brands that I have found it doesn't really matter, they all have their pros and cons.
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Danner Stronghold Boots

I get about 15 months out of a pair.

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Re: GIVEAWAY: Danner Stronghold Boots

About every 12 months


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