Fumigation To Repel Roaches?

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Fumigation To Repel Roaches?

Hey guys,

I saw a roach in my kitchen and would like to get opinions on treatments. I here fumigation works however I have a 4 month old and I'm not comfortable with doing this. I'm told my 4 month old would need to be away from the home for 12-24hrs. Is fumigation the best remedy? Or, are there other remedies which are less harmful?
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Re: Fumigation To Repel Roaches?

Bring over a couple of painters. They'll smoke them out in no time.


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Re: Fumigation To Repel Roaches?

Roaches have been around for thousands of years; they are one of the longest-lived species on earth. I've never heard of one eating a four-month-old, but I'd advise that you just stomp on it.
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Re: Fumigation To Repel Roaches?

Fumigating will probably do you no good as the roach(es) are likely not living in your house, just wandering in. The most common species (by far) of roach is nocturnal and isn't even entering your home for food, just for warmth and maybe darkness as they hate light. They live in the sewers and storm drains outside your house, and just wander in at night. Just to be on the "safe" side, though, make sure you keep food sealed and your kitchen nice and clean. If it's not the species i'm talking about, it's likely attracted to the smell of food via the trash or containers you accidentally left open. Roaches that live in walls/crawlspaces can survive fumigation anyway.

Also, fumigation has your house tented for 48 hours minimum, and they recommend keeping pets and young children away for an extra 12-24hours, so it would be more like 3 days you'd have to keep the youngster away from home

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Re: Fumigation To Repel Roaches?

Get a few cans of Bengal Roach Spray and spray around the baseboards and inside cabinets and any other crevices. You will probably see a bunch of dead ones around the house for a couple of days, but then they should be gone. Re-apply every 3-6 months. If they are the big roaches,
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