Calling All Landlords

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Calling All Landlords

I know quite a few folks here own rentals, as do I. Do any of you allow pets?
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Re: Calling All Landlords

no no no no no no no no. if i catch them with a pet, it is automatic forfeiture of deposit money no matter how "clean" the animal is.

on a more serious side, no matter how clean the tenants or animal is, there is a good chance of someone renting right after them that is highly allergic to whatever critter the person before has. i have been involved in rentals for close to 25 years now and have yet to see the first house that an animal lived in that wasnt trashed.


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Re: Calling All Landlords

We do for certain. It's a real money maker, nice profit center and have never had a problem. Nice bump in the rent each month $25-$50, additional pet security deposit of $250-$500, sometimes a non-refundable fee at lease signing. Ca-ching.

No cats though. Only certain dogs.
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Re: Calling All Landlords

I allow them with extra pet security deposit. Small dog or a cat. Currently only one of my tenants has chihuahua. I figure kids can easily be more destructive than a pet, though I honestly hadn't thought about the allergy/next tenant angle much.
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Re: Calling All Landlords

I will say on average most LL dont. But we do, and have pets ourselfs so are more understanding.
Charge a extra pet deposit and $30.00 extra per month.
If unit has new carpet then charge higher.
Tenants seem to stay longer and just charge enough extra for worst case, carpet replacement.
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The Flooring Guy
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Re: Calling All Landlords

Only pets that are spade or neutered, along with a monthly pet fee and extra security deposit.
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Re: Calling All Landlords

Thanks for the responses. Allowing them was my thought also. Seems we are leaving money on the table each month. Glad to see my idea isn't so goofy.
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Re: Calling All Landlords

I think it depends on the circumstances. I allow them, but have only single family homes and duplexes.

If you have an apt. complex, you have to consider the neighbors in close proximity.

When people rent a stand-alone home, they expect to be able to have a pet.

In my area, I would be at a great disadvantage if I didn't allow pets.

Finally, all of my current tenants have pets, some both dogs and cats.

What is carpet anyway?
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Re: Calling All Landlords

I allow pets but DO NOT allow kids. Kids do far far far more damage then any dog. I only draw the line with Pit Bulls and want to meet a Rottie before allowing it. I know this pizzes off some people but that's a fact and that's my rules.
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Re: Calling All Landlords

Have you had any troubles regarding not allowing children and the law? Maybe it is allowed in Texas, or you have just gotten by?
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Re: Calling All Landlords

I believe this is a federal law as well covered under ADA but for sure is a California one... Service animals and doctor proscribed (yes they do proscribe it) pets for people with depression etc must be rented to with a reasonable increases in rent/deposit. In general dogs under 25 lbs, cats, fish, birds etc are ok with a pet fee per month and a higher deposit.
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Who me?
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Re: Calling All Landlords

Pets are allowed with a rent increase. Higher deposit also.
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Re: Calling All Landlords

I owned, no longer do, a 3 family and a 4 family.

My experience is, you better allow and get paid for it. There is not doubt they will get a pet regardless if you want it or not.
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Re: Calling All Landlords

We found renters quicker once we allowed pets. We did not want to at first but every call seemed to be people with pets.

It has worked for us so far.

Good luck!

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