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    SEO Tip: Create Accountability

    SEO continues to be THE most effective form of inbound content marketing for contractors. The trouble is, far too many contractors engage an SEO firm with no real way of being able to validate what that company is or is not doing to help them. I can help. If you've read any of my other blog posts, you know that if you want your website to rank w... Read More

    by BenLanders on August 28, 2013Comments (0)
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    This is a former warehouse converted to Commercial Office Space.

    This is a former warehouse converted to commercial office space.We are doing the commercial carpentry interior fit out.  Here are some pictures. Read More

    by TiM Management on August 26, 2013Comments (1)
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    Buy Smarter. Build Better.®

    My name is Chris Cardillo, and I’m the founder of  We are the first (and only) cloud based platform for buyers and sellers of building products.  Having sold building materials in NYC for many years, the time for a platform like SpecBid is overdue. Often I’m asked who my competition is.  And the answer tha... Read More

    by SpecBid on July 27, 2013Comments (3)
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    You Don't Need Another (SEO) Tool

    In the fall of 2012, with the help of my partners, I created a piece of software that helps business owners that want to try to tackle SEO on their own do it better. Our software will audit your website, track your rankings for high-value keywords, analyze your competitors, show what has been changed on your website (helpful if you're paying som... Read More

    by BenLanders on May 05, 2013Comments (3)
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    How To Create An Ad To Promote Your Business On Facebook

    If you’re a contractor who specializes in tile or stone (or involved in any profession really) and are looking for low cost advertising in order to get your business information out, Facebook may be the way to go without spending massive amounts of money on a website and Google AdWords. This works well for any industry by allowing you to ... Read More

    by StoneTooling on May 01, 2013Comments (6)
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    SEO Basics: 5 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Contractor Website

       There are a few basic tips for getting more traffic to your contractor website that go beyond the standard keyword saturation and suggestions of keeping content fresh. While both of these things are vital to getting customers to your site, there are other things you can do to help maximize your website’s potential.  1.... Read More

    by SebastianRodak on April 24, 2013Comments (1)
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    The Business We're Really In

    My business mentor shared a great story with me long ago…  “If you walk out of a house… and they say you did a great job, and gave a great presentation, and they really like your company… you’re in marketing. If you walk out of that same house with a signed contract… you’re in sales.”&nb... Read More

    by DamionR on April 23, 2013Comments (3)
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    The Importance of Facebook for Business

    The importance of Facebook as a marketing tool to grow your business just increased exponentially with the launch of Facebook's "Local Search" function. What Is Facebook Local Search? Late last year, Mark Zuckerburg and his minions rolled out a feature called "Facebook Nearby," which originally served as a feed of places its users' friends had... Read More

    by BenLanders on April 04, 2013Comments (5)
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    How Contractors Can Setup an Email Marketing Program

    Most people check their email every day. Some check it once a day; others check it hundreds of times in one day. Instant communication in mass form is the easiest way to get information to your current customers and potential customers on a widespread scale. The important points to remember when considering an email marketing program are: E... Read More

    by SebastianRodak on April 03, 2013Comments (0)
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    Granite and Its Geology

    Granite is the signature rock of the continents. More than that, granite is the signature rock of the planet Earth itself. The other rocky planets—Mercury, Venus and Mars—are covered with basalt, as is the ocean floor on Earth. But only Earth has this beautiful and interesting rock type in abundance. Granite Basics Three things dis... Read More

    by stone21 on April 03, 2013Comments (1)
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