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    Featured Contractor: Tom Struble

    My name is Tom Struble, owner of Tom Struble Siding Co. While I have always been interested in building and furniture construction I never thought I would actually be doing it for a living.I got married soon after high school.I actually worked in a grocery store at night and as a mechanic for Ford during the day,working 2 jobs soon got to be too... Read More

    by ContractorTalk on July 14, 2014Comments (4)
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    8 Common Mistakes Contractors Make with Their Online Marketing

    1. Neglecting online marketing entirely It is 2014 and everyone is on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. Potential customers are all using search engines -- increasingly on mobile devices -- to shop for products and services. Yet, there are still contractors out there trying to get business exclusively from Yellow Pages, canvassing and ... Read More

    by CyFree on July 07, 2014Comments (0)
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    Tired of Seeing the Same Ads Over and Over Again

    The other day a friend of mine posted the following note on Facebook--she said, "What annoys me most about SEO (or whatever it is) is that I already bought the thing you're advertising to me. I got it dude. I don't need more!" What she was referring to is not SEO, it's called remarketing or retargeted advertising. If you spend any amount of time... Read More

    by BenLanders on June 17, 2014Comments (0)
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    Engineered Wood Flooring: Overcoming concrete and radiant heat.

         Engineered wood flooring is normally comprised of a veneer of hardwood on several layers of plywood. This design grants freedom for installation in situations where you normally couldn’t lay hardwood floors. Obstacles such as concrete slabs, radiant heat, and below grade sites that would pose a problem for solid hardwo... Read More

    by lawndart on June 16, 2014Comments (0)
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    Reclaimed Wood Flooring: Yesterday's best for a better tomorrow.

         Reclaimed wood became a popular material for flooring in the 70’s and has been on the upswing ever since. It is salvaged from the remains of old buildings, factories, warehouses, boxcars, water towers, and other pieces of our past then carefully restored by masters of the trade. It’s upcycled nature also makes it... Read More

    by lawndart on June 16, 2014Comments (0)
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    Vinyl Flooring

       Vinyl flooring, also referred to as resilient flooring, has been growing in popularity recently. Perfect for high traffic homes, vinyl flooring is a durable, easy to clean alternative to most other floor coverings. Modern manufacturing techniques make it possible to produce vinyl flooring in almost every color, texture, and patter... Read More

    by lawndart on June 16, 2014Comments (0)
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    The Importance of Identifying Your Marketing Leverage Point

    I've read that Jay Forrester, a Professor of Management at MIT, claims that people often know intuitively where to find leverage points, but that, even with knowing them, instead choose to focus on other things. For lack of a different way of saying it, they focus on the wrong thing. They push in the wrong direction. In my experience with contra... Read More

    by BenLanders on June 14, 2014Comments (0)
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    Featured Contractor: EthanB

    I've been involved in construction for all but the first 18 months of my life. My grandfather owned an electrical supply house and my father learned the trades from a young age, he became a lawyer but always did all his own work. I grew up in a house that was always being improved and followed my father around until he gave me things to do.My fi... Read More

    by ContractorTalk on June 10, 2014Comments (2)
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    Featured Contractor: Tscarborough

    I am a construction brat. My father, a civil engineer, drug us all over the United States from Anchorage Alaska in 1964 to rebuild from the earthquake to South Florida in the mid 1980s laying fiber optic cable. I visited jobsites with him from the time I was able, say 5 or 6. I began working construction at 14, holidays and summers. I continued ... Read More

    by ContractorTalk on June 10, 2014Comments (1)
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    Featured Contractor: pinwheel

    Every since high school, I've been drawn to wood. Took every available woodshop class available, from Jr high, till graduation. In 1984, I took my first job in construction, working for a general contractor, building ground up customs. Early in this career path, I questioned whether it was the right choice or not, because as the new guy, I got a... Read More

    by ContractorTalk on June 10, 2014Comments (1)
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