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    Structural Repair Slide Show

    Cracked rafters, cut or notched joists or beams, cracked concrete, seismic upgrades... they're all covered in this slide show. There is a LOT of useful information here that has been applied many times over many years. I'm very interested in feedback and / or better mousetrap suggestions. Read More

    by Tim Garrison PE on January 04, 2012Comments (1)
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    Bad Hustle, Good Hustle

    In Mexico everyone hustles. Not in the sense of hurrying, but rather in the sense of, “Ai, amigo, special price for ju today! Everything half off! I gonna sell you this hand-carved coconut head for just 500 pesos. Niiice, eh amigo?” It’s positively numbing all that hustling. Driving by a public park, for example, the basketbal... Read More

    by Tim Garrison PE on December 29, 2011Comments (0)
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    The Minimum You Should Know About SEO - Part 1

    Few marketing strategies (uh, none) can rival search engine optimization or SEO when it comes to long-term return on investment (ROI). Whether you choose to do your own SEO or hire an SEO company to do it for you, there are a few things you need to know in order to maximize your success. Let's start with the basics. What is "SEO"? Simply put... Read More

    by BenLanders on December 18, 2011Comments (12)
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    With Hope In One Hand (and your caulk in the other)

    For many years I’ve been an advocate of any blog, article, web site, or TV program that promotes the stewardship of old and/or historic homes.You can often find good information and some great advice as to maintenance and upkeep for these delicate and sometimes fragile fabrics that make these places so special. Sometimes these repairs can ... Read More

    by Jason Whipple on December 17, 2011Comments (3)
  • Thumb_tim_hard_hat_5-23-12_web
    The One-Step Building Permit

    Who is Luis Fortuno? I didn't know either until I read a short article on him in Sunday's Skagit Valley Herald. He is the Republican Governor of Puerto Rico. Normally I avoid politics like the mall on Black Friday. Mostly because our political machine is so bloated, partisan, and broken it nauseates me. But for some reason I read this article, ... Read More

    by Tim Garrison PE on November 21, 2011Comments (2)
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    Deck Post Connection Done Right

    If you’ve ever leaned against a deck rail not installed correctly, you might have felt a scare as it bowed outward. This is a hot-button topic for many building inspectors, and with good cause. Properly designed deck rails must be able to resist a 200 lb.  force in any direction, at any point along their length (IBC 1607.7.1) Ac... Read More

    by Tim Garrison PE on November 19, 2011Comments (0)
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    What do you specialize in?

    Can you answer this question in one simple sentence? It's a very difficult question. I'm not asking what you do for a living, I'm asking you what you specialize in? If a customer finds you on google and clicks on your website for the first time what do they see in the first few seconds? What do they feel? Do they just see a company that does r... Read More

    by Oconomowoc on November 14, 2011Comments (16)
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    Facebook Schmacebook?

    Do you Facebook? Can ‘Facebook’ be used as a verb? “Yo, Vinnie, you wanna know what’s in my secret barbeque sauce? Tell you what, I’ll Facebook it tomorrow. Check it out.” ‘Google’ became a verb; why not ‘Facebook’? Anything that goes from noun to verb, globally, should be paid atten... Read More

    by Tim Garrison PE on October 27, 2011Comments (6)
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    Why You Need a Mobile Web Site

    Have you ever looked at your web site from a mobile phone? You should... and if it takes more than a few seconds to load or it looks something like the picture immediately below, you're probably losing business to your competition. I've been reading about the mobile revolution for years and, well, it's finally here. Just about everyone has a sma... Read More

    by BenLanders on October 24, 2011Comments (9)
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    Google Insights for Market Research

    Google Insights is a powerful tool that shows you keyword search volume over time. For example, here’s the search volume for the Superbowl over the last four years: Not surprisingly searches for the Superbowl radically spike in February. A closer look reveals also that the 2008 and 2011 Superbowl was slightly more popular than 2009 and th... Read More

    by stevebenjamins on October 21, 2011Comments (5)
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