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    Pressure Washing as part of Exterior Painting Prep

    One of the most overlooked yet ver important step as part of an Exterior Painting projects prep is Power washing the house. Most contractors either overlook this step or simply ignore it.Dunrite Property Services in NJ pressure washes every exterior home or commercial building as partg of the painting process.We use a soft wash application which... Read More

    by libbycop on May 10, 2014Comments (0)
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    Featured Contractor: shanekw1

    My name is Shane and I live in a small city in B.C. called Castlegar, in the heart of the most beautiful region I know, the Kootenays. I'm a young guy (36) married to a beautiful woman, Samantha, and we have two awesome kids, Dakota Shea, 8, and Jackson James, 6.We live on a small one acre 'farm' on the Columbia River. The house dates from 100 y... Read More

    by ContractorTalk on May 08, 2014Comments (2)
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    Featured Contractor: Warren

    I have wanted to be a carpenter since I was 7 years old. I had an uncle that served as my inspiration. As fate would have it, our high school offered carpentry as a vocation. After high school, I was fortunate to land with a small company, working primarily as a framer. Eventually I became a minority owner there, and the company became very dive... Read More

    by ContractorTalk on May 08, 2014Comments (0)
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    Featured Contractor: Sir Mixalot

    My name is Paul Peck and my company is Peck Drywall and Painting out of Satellite Beach, Florida. I've been in business for 19 years and a member on ContractorTalk for 6 years.After two years of college in computer programming I figured out that I liked working with my hands better. So I got a job as a helper building decks and doing trim carpen... Read More

    by ContractorTalk on May 07, 2014Comments (3)
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    Your written painting proposal

    Dunrite Property Services in NJ provides every residential or commercial painting project with a clear written estimate. Any contractor who merely hands you his business card with a quote on the back is doing both of you a disservice. Ive seen this over and over.The written estimate should be detailed in describing the scope of the work. The pre... Read More

    by libbycop on May 06, 2014Comments (0)
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    Selecting a Painting Contractor in Nj

    It can be a bit annoying when selecting a Painting contractor to paint your home. There are many fly by nights and lowballers out there or "hacks" as us professional painting contractors refer to them as. If you follow a few simple rules it can go along way.First, whoever you decide to get an  estimate from should possess a NJ contractors l... Read More

    by libbycop on April 28, 2014Comments (0)
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    BREAKING NEWS! ~ CSLB Registrar of Contractors Announces Upcoming Retirement ~ FINALLY!

    This has been a long time coming. Steve Sands has decided to step down at year’s end after leading the Contractors State License Board since 2001. It has long been thought that Mr. Sands has just been "phoning it in" over the last several years. The fact that his employees seem to be running the show is a testament to his lack of leadershi... Read More

    by License Guru on April 28, 2014Comments (1)
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    When It Comes to Social Media Marketing, Don't Discount the Cost of Playing Catch-up

    A lot of contractors are reluctant to invest in social media marketing. They think it's a waste of time and money and they could very well be right. It's entirely possible that the world abandons Facebook tomorrow--just like they did with Myspace. But what none of them have considered is the cost of playing catch-up in the event that they're wro... Read More

    by BenLanders on April 26, 2014Comments (2)
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    Rewards Program Has Launched!

    We are pleased to announce the brand new Rewards Program on ContractorTalk. You can access the Rewards in the menu button at the top of the site. This program allows you the opportunity to redeem items with points you earn based on your activities here in the community. Certain actions will give you points and you can then go spend them howev... Read More

    by ContractorTalk on April 21, 2014Comments (0)
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    Does the CSLB have Limitless Authority?

    A CONVERSATION WITH BETSY FIGUEIRA REGARDING CONTRACTORS STATE LICENSE BOARD EXAMS PART 2. Ms. Figueira stated in a recent email to me:Phil, I have submitted an IT request to correct the website statement regarding exam waivers – Within the last five years, you have passed both the Law and Business Examination and the trade examinatio... Read More

    by License Guru on April 08, 2014Comments (1)
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