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    Taking the Plunge on People and Equipment

    One of the hardest decisions to make in any business is when to hire new people or people with specialized skills, and when to invest in new equipment. Not hiring the people can cost you money, jobs, and profit. Every time you need to hire outside of your company for work being done you are adding another level of somebody else needing to make a... Read More

    by ReubenD on July 23, 2014Comments (0)
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    A Strange Background for a Contractor/Builder

    Reading through the Contractor Talk forum has once again reminded me of the unique path that I followed to entering the Contractor / Builder professions. It is very different than the typical route taken by the other professionals on here and the difference in perspective becomes very obvious as I read through the posts. I think that is one of t... Read More

    by ReubenD on July 23, 2014Comments (0)
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    Warning: Google Penalties Coming Soon

    They say that good things may come to those that wait. That may be true in some areas of life, but not when it comes to your website. Google is going to start penalizing websites that load slowly and/or provide a poor browsing experience for visitors using mobile devices.Back in 2010, Google publicly added "site speed" as a ranking factor. Howev... Read More

    by BenLanders on July 20, 2014Comments (2)
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    Featured Contractor: griz

    Greetings All,My life has been an adventure.  Most people watch movies or read books about things I have done.  I started in construction in 1968 when my Mom & Dad hired a Contractor to build a large deck.  Worked part time for him becoming rather familiar with the operating end of a shovel.Got into framing, then production, t... Read More

    by ContractorTalk on July 17, 2014Comments (0)
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    Featured Contractor: Inner10

    The painful memories of my youth are forever branded in my psyche. Carrying tools, sweeping up, lifting machinery and constantly asking my father how much longer it would take before we could go home. My father owned and operated an appliance sales are service business, with the lion’s share of work taking place in laundromats. I spent a s... Read More

    by ContractorTalk on July 16, 2014Comments (3)
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    Elastomeric Paint for Flexing Substrates

    Elastomeric Paints – Features and Applications Over the decades, the painting industry has grown and developed with radical changes in paints available.  Decades ago, options were limited for painters.  There was typically only one application method and this method had to be used regardless of the limitations and side effects. ... Read More

    by PennCoat on July 15, 2014Comments (0)
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    Featured Contractor: Tom Struble

    My name is Tom Struble, owner of Tom Struble Siding Co. While I have always been interested in building and furniture construction I never thought I would actually be doing it for a living.I got married soon after high school.I actually worked in a grocery store at night and as a mechanic for Ford during the day,working 2 jobs soon got to be too... Read More

    by ContractorTalk on July 14, 2014Comments (4)
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    8 Common Mistakes Contractors Make with Their Online Marketing

    1. Neglecting online marketing entirely It is 2014 and everyone is on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. Potential customers are all using search engines -- increasingly on mobile devices -- to shop for products and services. Yet, there are still contractors out there trying to get business exclusively from Yellow Pages, canvassing and ... Read More

    by CyFree on July 07, 2014Comments (0)
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    Tired of Seeing the Same Ads Over and Over Again

    The other day a friend of mine posted the following note on Facebook--she said, "What annoys me most about SEO (or whatever it is) is that I already bought the thing you're advertising to me. I got it dude. I don't need more!" What she was referring to is not SEO, it's called remarketing or retargeted advertising. If you spend any amount of time... Read More

    by BenLanders on June 17, 2014Comments (0)
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