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    What is Constructonomics?

    I will often get asked, “What is Constructonomics?”. Actually, that’s a lie. I very rarely, if ever, get asked that question. I’m not sure why I lied about that, but most likely because that’s how a post like this would typically start. Nevertheless, I do think about the question a lot – and that is not a li... Read More

    by constructonomics on December 11, 2013Comments (3)
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    4 Keys to a Successful Website

    In my experience, contractors often focus too narrowly when evaluating websites. They see a competitor's website ranking well on Google for highly searched keyword phrases and instantly set their focus on improving their own website's ranking. What they often don't realize is that many websites that rank well on Google lose visitors as quickly a... Read More

    by BenLanders on November 27, 2013Comments (1)
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    Hillary Clinton Talks Construction and Economics (Constructonomics!) at Greenbuild 2013

    “Hillary 2016!”, shouts a man from the crowd of over 10,000 at the Temple Universitybasketball arena during Hillary Clinton’s Q&A session with USGBC CEO Rick Fedrizzi after her Keynote speech last night at Greenbuild 2013 in Philadelphia. Ms. Clinton, realizing that the comment had to be addressed since ever... Read More

    by constructonomics on November 23, 2013Comments (5)
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    Framing in the Bahamas

    This series may take several years to complete, as I have 2 kids 4 years and a 10 month old. I have been going to Eleuthera for about 17 years. It is an outcrop island, not a tourist destination. Supplies, like electric and water are hard to find. My brother has already built a house here. I intend to build a house here despite the existing cond... Read More

    by paradisemike on November 18, 2013Comments (2)
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    How to Avoid the Impending Bubble

    There's nothing quite like the excitement of leaving the comfort and security of working for someone else in order to build a company in your own image and likeness. Few things are as satisfying as building a business -- from scratch and with your own two hands -- that generates value for those it serves (clients, employees, and last, but certai... Read More

    by BenLanders on November 09, 2013Comments (8)
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    Review of Foam Backed Vinyl Siding Insulation

    Prodigy third Generation siding boards and Crane insulated panels are popular in New Jersey, including Bergen, Essex, Morris and Passaic county.   However, it's our experience, the full back product doesn't always properly insulate your home for the good money you're paying.  "Here is a little secret about insulated siding panels they... Read More

    by NJSidingGuy on November 04, 2013Comments (0)
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    Toy Box for nephew

    I am building a toy box out of reclaimed DF 2x6's  from a home whose roof collapsed after a tree landed on it.  The whole box is 4/4 finished. Had to join 2'2x6's first then join the already joined pieces after to make 6 large panels. Used a 7/8 dado set to make the box joints. More pics to come.. Read More

    by livingsoulsdie on September 22, 2013Comments (1)
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    SEO Tip: Create Accountability

    SEO continues to be THE most effective form of inbound content marketing for contractors. The trouble is, far too many contractors engage an SEO firm with no real way of being able to validate what that company is or is not doing to help them. I can help. If you've read any of my other blog posts, you know that if you want your website to rank w... Read More

    by BenLanders on August 28, 2013Comments (0)
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    This is a former warehouse converted to Commercial Office Space.

    This is a former warehouse converted to commercial office space.We are doing the commercial carpentry interior fit out.  Here are some pictures. Read More

    by TiM Management on August 26, 2013Comments (1)
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    Buy Smarter. Build Better.®

    My name is Chris Cardillo, and I’m the founder of  We are the first (and only) cloud based platform for buyers and sellers of building products.  Having sold building materials in NYC for many years, the time for a platform like SpecBid is overdue. Often I’m asked who my competition is.  And the answer tha... Read More

    by SpecBid on July 27, 2013Comments (3)
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