What To Look For When Renting Dumpsters For Your Waste Removal

September 06, 2017
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At the end of your project, the last consideration is always waste disposal. You want this part of the project to be taken care as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can tie a bow on that project and start the next. While many contractors have alternative methods of getting rid of the waste (trailers, pickup truck, etc), you may opt to rent a dumpster. Here are the 4 main considerations when looking at companies to rent a dumpster from. 

How Responsive is the Dumpster Rental Company?
There will several occasions when you are unable to schedule a delivery a few days in advance; you need that dumpster now! If the dumpster company continuously have phone calls go to voicemail, that's a telling sign and red flag that they may not put a premium on customer service. At worst, the dumpster rental company should have an answering service answer calls for them to assure your calls don't go to voicemail and your request and need is serviced as quickly as possible.  

How Quickly Can I Get a Dumpster to My Project? 
Inventory control is one of the operational challenges of any dumpster rental company. Typically, in the Bin There Dump That franchise system we find one truck can successfully manage 24-30 containers. When calling companies local to you, you may want to ask about their inventory; how many trucks and containers they have in their fleet. Bin There Dump That franchise operators also use an inventory operations system called Bin Tracker to help manage inventory. Finally, these companies should value their contractor customers for the volume of dumpsters the contractor gives their dumpster rental company. The Bin There Dump That motto is to always aim to have at least 15% of your inventory available to service contractor customers; this may be something you ask of your local dumpster supplier.

How Does the Dumpster Company Charge For Their Services? 
Throughout North America we find the markets we have franchises have two ways of pricing a dumpster rental.
  1. Bin + Weight: You will pay an agreed upon rate for the delivery and pickup of the bin and then charged for the weight of the waste in the bin, which is often marked up marginally by the supplier.
  2. All-In Pricing: The all-in pricing structure includes the delivery, pickup and a weight allowance of anywhere between 2-6 tons of debris (depending on the size of dumpster and truck picking it up). If you would to go over your allotted weight for the dumpster, you will get charged a prorated amount for the additional weight.
One thing you need to be weary of are additional charges that were not originally agreed upon. You may come across fuel surcharges and environmental fees. These fees are often added into the all-in pricing but it's vital to know exactly what you'll be paying for the dumpster service.  

Will The Dumpster Company Protect My Clients' Drivway:
Here's the deal...

If the dumpster you rent to complete your clients' project happens to scratch their driveway, they most likely won't blame the dumpster company but blame you! Bin There Dump That, among other companies, place down boards to ensure the dumpster never touches the driveway. Other suppliers will lay thin plywood but this often is not a solution because the plywood snaps and the dumpster still ends up scratching the driveway when the bin is being picked up by the supplier.  

No, renting a dumpster isn't rocket surgery but there are nuances to consider. These 4 nuances should be your biggest considerations when choosing a local dumpster company; however, if you can think of other considerations, I'd ask you to please share them in the comments below. 

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