The 5 Most Common Hardwood Flooring Questions I'm asked

September 10, 2017
White Plains, NY
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If you're a flooring contractor who does sales appointments, you probably get the same questions and over and over.  It's good that there's some consistency and it's helpful to be prepared with some answers.

So, I thought I'd jot the 5 questions I get asked the most.  These are the questions from my sanding and refinishing estimates.

1.  How did you get into this business?.  Now, I'm guessing most of you don't actually get this question often...most likely because most of you are guys.  But, as I am a female contractor, I get this question all the time.  Sometimes people follow up with, is this a family business or did your dad do this before you?  The answer of course is, "No."  Years ago I worked with a career consultant to try to figure out what type of business I should start.  This one tapped into my decorating skills and marketing skills, and I figured it would be keep me challenged for years to come as each home and each job is different.

2.  Which stain colors are most popular?  Or stylish?  Or what's trending in hardwood flooring?  I quickly explain that dark hardwood is most popular, followed very closely by light - the 2 extremes.  Some of them ask about gray hardwood floors as well

3.  From there, the next question (almost like clockwork) is "Doesn't dark hardwood show everything more" or "Is it harder to clean and maintain dark hardwood floors?"  I then go through the pros and cons between dark hardwood and light hardwood floors.  As most of you probably know, there is no right and no wrong answer.  It really depends on what you like, the style of your home and which pros and cons are most important to you.

4.  How long is the sanding process?  From here, I explain how long it takes to refinish hardwood floors as well as how long it takes to cure.  It's usually much longer than most people expect.  Often this requires some planning (and a long vacation) on their part. And, of course we get into a discussion on the types and brands of polyurethane.

5.  So, the next question (of course) is about oil vs water based polyurethane.  I discuss the pros and cons between oil and water borne polyurethane.  For those in the business, you know that the answer depends.  It depends on the shade/stain being used as well as species of wood and of course the look the customer is going for as well as timeline, smell, VOCs, etc.

These questions are good because they keep me on my toes and they show the customer is engaged.  Which questions do you get most often?

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    What are you tips for marketing or upselling on a project?

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