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    Seven Things To Do When An Owner Doesn't Pay

    The past six months for me and my company have been the most difficult to date.  And this is including the first two or three years where we basically made just enough money to survive (that actually wasn’t that bad, surprisingly, and actually kind of fun).  But this time around, we were expecting to get paid at the end of a job ... Read More

    by constructonomics on May 14, 2014Comments (2)
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    3 Interesting Insights from 5,000 Contractor Websites

    It's amazing what you can learn from analyzing your competitors. Everything online can (and should) be tracked. As a result, there's a mind-blowing amount of information available and, from an online marketing perspective, virtually anything could want to know about your competitors is out there. Have you ever wondered: What website actions ... Read More

    by BenLanders on January 18, 2013Comments (9)
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    7 Reasons Why You Should Install Your Hardwood Floor Before Cabinets

    When remodelling your kitchen, you can install hardwood flooring before or after the cabinets. Most contractors will advise you to install hardwood flooring first. There are several reasons for this.  1.     Flexibility When Changing Cabinet Footprint Cabinet styles change everyday and you may need to make several chan... Read More

    by KitchenAndBath on November 08, 2017Comments (1)
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    You Are Exactly Where You REALLY Want To Be - Just Fill In The [BLANK]

    When I released my book on Lead Generation, I decided to give a 100%, no hassle, money back guarantee to people who didn’t feel the content was worth their investment. No small print, no loopholes, no exclusions… you don’t like the book, you get your money back. As you can imagine, an offer like this opens the door ... Read More

    by RoofSales on June 21, 2012Comments (2)
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    Roof Cleaning from a Roofing Contractor's Perspective

    About 20 years ago the shingle manufacturers started using Limestone as a filler in their asphalt shingles. This worked great as a filler but their was an unforeseen drawback. Gloeocapsa Magma (an algae) absolutely loves to eat the stuff! That is why the Ugly Dark Streaks that are so common today weren't around a long time ago. Now the Major Sh... Read More

    by 4 seasons on February 08, 2012Comments (0)
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    Help A Fellow Contractor Out! - Willie T's Donation

    As a lot of you know, one of our longtime, well respected members  Willie T, had a stroke and will be recovering in the hospital for at least month and doing rehabilitation for even longer. So, as requested by many, we are going to set up a couple of way's for anyone that want's to donate, can. Donate whatever you can afford ,whether it's $... Read More

    by Sir Mixalot on April 28, 2012Comments (1)
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    Smarter Than Cordwood?

    Dear Builder’s Engineer, What do you think of the old saying, “Measure Twice, Cut Once? Not much, actually. That saying, in my opinion, is for amateurs. Allow me to illustrate. In my 52 years, I’ve cut a lot of firewood. Growing up on a cattle ranch in Modesto, CA, we lived in a circa 1920s rambler. It had three heat sources... Read More

    by Tim Garrison PE on September 11, 2012Comments (0)
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    Learning Profit

    Dear Builder’s Engineer, My 15-year old small business is barely getting by even after I’ve done everything I can think of to streamline it. I know there is enough work out there and that I could be profitable, but I also know that my company has problems that are keeping me down.  My question is, how do I get good advice? Aski... Read More

    by Tim Garrison PE on September 20, 2012Comments (3)
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    When It Comes to Social Media Marketing, Don't Discount the Cost of Playing Catch-up

    A lot of contractors are reluctant to invest in social media marketing. They think it's a waste of time and money and they could very well be right. It's entirely possible that the world abandons Facebook tomorrow--just like they did with Myspace. But what none of them have considered is the cost of playing catch-up in the event that they're wro... Read More

    by BenLanders on April 26, 2014Comments (2)
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    "My Garage Door Spring Broke, Should I Fix It Myself?"

    I go over the tipical case in senero and explain my take on fixing this yourself. Also provided, is a DIY walthough guide if you decide to make a run at DIY: Read More

    by Ronald Cruse on September 25, 2014Comments (0)
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