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    9 Tips To Beef Up Insulation So Your Wall Can Support Cabinets

    During kitchen renovation, the insulation you use should not only be durable and air-tight, but it should also be strong enough to support your kitchen cabinets. Here are a few tips that will help you if you are remodelling a traditional 2x4 wall on the inside without touching the outside.   USE ¾ INCH PLYWOOD  A layer of pl... Read More

    by KitchenAndBath on November 07, 2017Comments (0)
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    5 Trends to Watch in Commercial Building Design

    Every industry has trends that come and go throughout the years, and the commercial construction industry is no exception. While the importance of favoring tried-and-true building design has obvious benefits, keeping up to date with trends is equally important for the growth of your business. This is particularly true for commercial clients as t... Read More

    by lge77 on November 06, 2017Comments (0)
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    Choosing the Right Grade of Plywood

    Choosing the right plywood for your application can be a daunting task.  The price variations can be quite complicated, and what exactly are those letters on the label? Understanding what these letters mean as well as different purposes for each is crucial to choosing the right material.  Similarly, understanding the different fin... Read More

    by lge77 on November 06, 2017Comments (0)
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    The History of Coffered Ceilings

    Until recently, coffered ceilings were typically only found in ornate public buildings, or in very high end residences. Here is a brief history of coffered ceilings: To see the full infographic and get more info on coffered ceilings, visit Read More

    by lge77 on October 26, 2017Comments (0)
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    5 Ways to Increase Profit as a Siding Contractor

    A sad reality for many contractors in the construction or remodeling field is that their business isn't thriving or producing the profit it should be. There could be a number of reasons for this, such as a lack of business planning or even undercharging clients. Seeing your siding business struggle to stay afloat is disheartening, but majority o... Read More

    by lge77 on October 26, 2017Comments (0)
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    Benefits of Green Building for Your Texas Business

    Adopting a sustainable architectural design means creating buildings that minimize any negative ecological effect through the use of certain materials, construction techniques, and technologies. Sustainable architecture is an intentional approach to building that helps to conserve energy and ensure that the buildings developed today don't impede... Read More

    by lge77 on October 26, 2017Comments (0)
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    8 Key Contractor Habits

    Create Your Best Contracting Business Contractor Habit 1: Get in the Habit of Goal Setting Do yourself a huge favor and get into the habit of running your contracting business with intention. Go out of the way to write down the goals you have for your company and its future. Studies show that making this small effort increases the chance of y... Read More

    by ApparatusTeam on October 23, 2017Comments (0)
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    Five Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

    Bathroom remodeling is a process, too often, defined by trial and error, especially for rookie homeowners. Even with an extraordinary amount of preparation, some still fail to realize the immense scope of renovating even a small bathroom. These setbacks can result in anything from minor inconvenience to large-scale repairs that tack on thousan... Read More

    by kevinmckenzie on October 19, 2017Comments (0)
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    Boost Revenue By Specializing In Public Works Projects

    For many small contractors, the most challenging part of their business is having enough projects to bid on to keep themselves and their crew busy throughout the year.  The cycle often looks something like this:  A contractor randomly gets a referral or two from friends or prior clients, bids the work and eventually lands a project.&nb... Read More

    by shaedzs on October 11, 2017Comments (1)
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    Notice of Right to a Lien

    Understand Your Rights and Protect Your Jobs - A Guide for General Contractors Notice of Right to a Lien As a contractor, you know there are several steps involved in starting a new job. From initial assessments, defining the scope of work, securing subcontractor estimates, hiring subcontractors, finding suppliers, signing contracts and more: ... Read More

    by ApparatusTeam on October 03, 2017Comments (0)
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