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    Business Expenses - What Should You Be Writing Off?

    Ah, writing off business expenses. The allure, the luxury, the… confusion? Often when thinking of a standard business expense, the same image comes to everyone’s mind… charging a lunch on the company card. Hey, who doesn’t love free lunch? I know I do. But, business expenses are much more involved than ... Read More

    by ApparatusTeam on September 18, 2017Comments (0)
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    Personal Draws - An Expensive Shortcut for Contracting Businesses

    If you’re like most contractors, you’ve been guilty of it at one time or another: taking personal draws from your business checking account. It’s tempting, it’s easy, it’s your money, right? Unfortunately, it’s also one of the worst habits you can develop as a business owner – one th... Read More

    by ApparatusTeam on September 12, 2017Comments (0)
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    The 5 Most Common Hardwood Flooring Questions I'm asked

    If you're a flooring contractor who does sales appointments, you probably get the same questions and over and over.  It's good that there's some consistency and it's helpful to be prepared with some answers.So, I thought I'd jot the 5 questions I get asked the most.  These are the questions from my sanding and refinishing estimates.1.&... Read More

    by TheFlooringGirl on September 10, 2017Comments (1)
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    What To Look For When Renting Dumpsters For Your Waste Removal

    At the end of your project, the last consideration is always waste disposal. You want this part of the project to be taken care as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can tie a bow on that project and start the next. While many contractors have alternative methods of getting rid of the waste (trailers, pickup truck, etc), you may opt to r... Read More

    by BTDTBinRentals on September 06, 2017Comments (0)
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    Pros & Cons: Dump Trailers vs. Dumpster Rentals

    *Please note, I work for the corporate office of Bin There Dump That, but I will examine contractors needs objectively. Here's the deal...As contractors, you all have a need to get rid of waste at your job sites. Your options are limited. They consist of: There's only enough construction debris to fill up the back of your pick up bed Yo... Read More

    by BTDTBinRentals on August 29, 2017Comments (6)
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    The No Fluff Approach to Finding a GREAT General Contractor

    As a professional Palm Desert General Contractor for over 25+ years, here is a vital list of things you will need to check and lookout for before hiring.1) Know your project details before you start looking. Know your budget, the type of project you are looking to complete and a rough idea of the materials you will need.2) Look and ask for ref... Read More

    by JCD Constrn. on August 21, 2017Comments (0)
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    7 Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes that Everyone Makes

    Whether you are planning on doing major renovations or simple touch ups that improve the space, there’s a lot to consider when remodeling a bathroom. Remodeling your bathroom can be so stressful. Don’t make it any harder by committing any of these 7 common mistakes.1. Failing to consider proper ventilation Bathrooms need proper vent... Read More

    by KitchenAndBath on August 08, 2017Comments (0)
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    Tips for Creating a Precise Bathroom Remodel Budget

    Creating the perfect bathroom remodeling budget isn’t so much about ballpark estimates as it is about sticking to attainable, adaptable renovation goals that can be reexamined as your finances require. Product pricing, labor fees, and project timelines can greatly impact your remodel’s final bill, so it’s important to have a de... Read More

    by kevinmckenzie on August 01, 2017Comments (0)
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    How to Pick the Right Home Remodeler

    Choosing the right remodeler is extremely important because you’re trusting them to care for you and your family’s most crucial asset: your home. Without proper vetting, your search for the perfect home remodeler won’t amount to anything more than a tiresome cycle of trial and error informed by stressful guesswork. To help you ... Read More

    by kevinmckenzie on July 24, 2017Comments (0)
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    Calculating the Labor Budget in Your Construction Estimates

    Not communicating the project labor budget to your crew is ignoring the elephant in the room. Read More

    by Big Johnson on July 07, 2017Comments (0)
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