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    Pressure Washing in the Charlotte NC area and more

    Pressure Washing in Charlotte NC is what we do. We are your residential Pressure washing number one choice here in Charlotte NC. Call for a free estimate today 704-321-0123 or check us out on line at Let us help you with your house washing washing needs. We service Charlotte and all surrounding areas in... Read More

    by Dave Mac on April 22, 2017Comments (0)
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    Tips To Develop & Manage a Successful Marketing Plan

    Let's start this post with two tough questions: Do you have a marketing plan developed, in detail, to get you to your goals? Is your marketing working? There’s a reason I started with these questions. I want to make sure you realize just how much of an impact your marketing has on your company’s success. Without marketing, not... Read More

    by DamionR on April 20, 2017Comments (0)
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    Five Tips for a Successful Home Sale

      The key to any success is the strategy behind it, and home selling is no exception; but planning your sale in a constantly fluctuating housing market can be tricky, especially if it’s your first time navigating the waters. A successful home sale is dependent on many factors, so as a seller, it helps to boil down buyer intent to a... Read More

    by kevinmckenzie on April 11, 2017Comments (0)
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    7 Hard-Knock Truths To Building A Successful Contracting Business

    I've been blessed to be involved in this industry. It's all that I really know, and I've tried to make the world of it. I've been involved with a handful of start-up companies, I've help build a $20,000,000+ construction company, I've had success's, and I've had LOTS of failures. I've done lots of thigns wrong. I've learned a lot. And so on. B... Read More

    by DamionR on June 15, 2011Comments (17)
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    Pressure Washing in Oldsmar Florida.

    Life in Oldsmar Florida is great. The weather is unbelievably beautiful. Even in the winter I find myself in shorts and a short sleeve work shirt. With the beautiful weather comes mold, mildew and algae, a lot of mold and mildew and algae! Thats where pressure washing comes in. The best way, in my oppinion, to keep these contaminants at bay is p... Read More

    by RalphQ on March 14, 2017Comments (1)
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    A Man of Many failures

    Alot has changed since my first post here at ContractorTalk. Back then it was the contractor chat room.  This guy, Nate was his name, sent me an email after reading one of my posts on another forum suggesting this cool new website.  How could I resist but take a look?  I've been hooked ever since. I was one of the first to sign u... Read More

    by Grumpy on May 01, 2011Comments (24)
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    Is Your Roof Cool?

    For years, a home’s energy efficiency has been assessed based on the amount of heat loss and permeation through the sides of the property—via windows, doors, and foundational cracks. Now, roof manufacturers are starting to reevaluate this issue from the top-down by looking at the vulnerabilities of common residential and commercial r... Read More

    by kevinmckenzie on March 30, 2017Comments (0)
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    Turning Away Work

    I turned down a job yesterday. The potential client was explaining his project and as soon as he mentioned the name of the architect, I stopped him. "Sorry, Frank," I said, "I will not work with that architect. I've worked with him on several jobs in the past and each time it was an unpleasant, money-losing experience. The man has no sense of "t... Read More

    by Tim Garrison PE on January 12, 2012Comments (15)
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    The Seven Deadly Endorsements - General Liability Exclusions That Are Bad For Contractors

    Endorsement #1 – The Sunset Clause A general contractor completes a new home in 2008.  He carried a $1,000,000 general liability policy at the time the house was built and has continued to renew his coverage ever since.  In 2011, the contractor is sued for a construction defect on the 2008 home.  He files a claim with his i... Read More

    by TarahGruber on January 04, 2012Comments (9)
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    Contractor Talk 2.0 Launch Contest

    I'm extremely excited about the launch of Contractor Talk 2.0 and I want everyone to try out the new features. I think once you use the new tools you'll see how valuable and fun they can be. To encourage everyone to try things out and have some fun along the way we've come up with a contest that we hope you'll enjoy. What Can You Win?We are g... Read More

    by Nathan on April 22, 2011Comments (48)
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