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January 01, 2017
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Did it happen? 

How did your new years resoluton work out for 2016? 

2016 was a year full of suprises some great some not so awesome. But as a business owner you take what you can get. The rest you have to be duck like. I'm sure you have herd the term let it roll of like water rolls of a duck. Do this and you will find life moves along at a much smoother pace. Less so called bumps if ya will. 
You know what I decided this year im not going to quit my bad habits.........!

Now WAIT!! Before you stop reading hear me out. Why quit something cold turkey and leave a void there. It dosen't feel good and we all hate that feeling of uncurbed I right?!  My #1 mistake last year was trying to just quit everything(bad thing's), and start other good thing's! Here is what I should have been doing the whole time. Had I known this I would have been trying this instead. 

Start REPLACING bad habits with good ones. If you replace there is no void and you are still lest satisfied. Now that was worth something right? I feel like that is a little gole nugget you can take to the back with your business or whatever your resolution is this year. 

Lets make an example: You like to watch T.V. it's easy fun, and you like to relax to a good show. The problem is it isn't helping you create weath, health, or a better family experiance. To put in strait out there it's a time waster. Right? 

So what would you do? Why not watch a motivational speaker instead or an informational video on your area of expertise? That would be beneficial and you would still get your "T.V. time" in a sort of way that is worth your time.
So going forward in 2017 let us start replacing bad habits instead of quitting them. Soon we will find ourselves with new and good habits.
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