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    Pressure Washing in Oldsmar Florida.

    Life in Oldsmar Florida is great. The weather is unbelievably beautiful. Even in the winter I find myself in shorts and a short sleeve work shirt. With the beautiful weather comes mold, mildew and algae, a lot of mold and mildew and algae! Thats where pressure washing comes in. The best way, in my oppinion, to keep these contaminants at bay is p... Read More

    by RalphQ on March 14, 2017Comments (0)
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    The Top 5 Signs That Your Roof Needs Repair

    Maybe you’re considering selling your home, or perhaps you’ve recently moved into a place that could use some renovating. Even so, your roof may still fail to crack your list of home improvement priorities, either because it rests above your head—out of sight—making it easier to neglect, or because you’ve never had ... Read More

    by kevinmckenzie on February 28, 2017Comments (1)
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    Minnesota Residential Builder and Remodeler License Renewal Simplified

      Residential building contractor and remodeler licenses are issued for two years at a time, and the renewal deadline is always March 31st.  Half of the licensees renew one year and half the next.  You need 14 hours of continuing education that has been approved by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) in order t... Read More

    by ConEdTraining on February 15, 2017Comments (0)
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    Bye 2016.....NEXT

    Did it happen? How did your new years resoluton work out for 2016? 2016 was a year full of suprises some great some not so awesome. But as a business owner you take what you can get. The rest you have to be duck like. I'm sure you have herd the term let it roll of like water rolls of a duck. Do this and you will find life moves along a... Read More

    by AzCarpet on January 01, 2017Comments (0)
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    How To Reduce Your Interest by 50%

    This blog is going to be about getting rid of debt.  Prior to my career in the fencing industry for One Stop Fencing I worked as a licensed debt professional in Canada.  I learned every way there was to help people and companies with their debt. I saw hundreds of small businesses and contractors get in trouble with money, and I was abl... Read More

    by fencevictoriabc on December 31, 2016Comments (1)
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    4 Free Software Tools for the Remodeling Industry

    I had originally posted this in the Software & Tech section, and I see that a couple hundred folks have read it. I hope that this info is valuable for you! Just to keep it visible, I'm uploading it as a blog with a few updates.Starting with a new software tool can be tough - you lay out a significant amount of money, and then you have to rus... Read More

    by kevinmckenzie on December 19, 2016Comments (0)
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    When Your Customers Won't Pay: Financing Your Receivables

    When you're running a construction business, cash flow is extremely important. You can't start any jobs without enough cash to purchase your materials. Furthermore, you probably have employees to pay, and other overhead expenses. You probably even have vehicles or trucks to pay for, and getting financing for trucks isn't easy either. That's not ... Read More

    by grinro12 on November 17, 2016Comments (0)
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    2015 Reader Survey Contest

    It's easy! Fill out the Reader Survey for a chance to win a 6 Tool Combo kit from Milwaukee Tools.   To enter, all you have to do is fill out the Reader Survey here — no payment or purchase of any kind is necessary to enter or win. You don't even have to be a member of The cont... Read More

    by ContractorTalk on June 05, 2015Comments (0)
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    Brickwork Read More

    by Gordon Forsyth on June 02, 2015Comments (0)
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    My thoughts on the benefits and drawbacks of self-employment

    I don’t really remember how I would answer the question “what do you want to be when you grow up” when I was asked it as a kid. I guess I probably said “a footballer” or “a fireman” since I never really gave it any thought. But one thing I have always been sure of is that I didn’t want to get stuck... Read More

    by gfs on May 18, 2015Comments (0)
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