• Marvin Scenic Doors Can Bring Breathtaking View Inside a Home

    Some views are so stunning that they demand the perfect frame, whether they’re hanging on a wall in a gallery or are just outside your customer’s living room door.

  • Cordless Rotary Tools Have So Many Uses

    Cordless Rotary Tools Have So Many Uses

    It's easy to write off rotary tools, even cordless ones, as belonging strictly in the realm of DIYers, weekend warriors, homeowners and hobbyists. But a cordless rotary tool can make the job of a professional contractor much easier...

  • The Psychology of Thank You Notes

    The Psychology of Thank You Notes

    If you decide to send thank you notes to your clients, go the extra mile and send real cards or letters instead of emails. After all, if you’re trying to make a positive connection with clients in hopes of bringing in future business, you might as well go all the way, right?

  • Is Your Hearing Protection on Fleek?

    Is Your Hearing Protection on Fleek?

    Not only is ear protection necessary to prevent irreversible damage on the jobsite, it's mandatory under standards set forth by the Occupational Safety and Hazards Administration. You might feel less than cool wearing a large set of noise cancelling earmuffs, but protecting your hearing actually IS the...

  • Cleaning Dirty Tarps

    Cleaning Dirty Tarps

    Cleaning your dirty tarps can be an adventure. Many contractors choose to keep disposable tarps on hand for the times when their washable tarps are dirty and can't be cleaned immediately. Different tarp fibers (canvas, vinyl and others) require different care, but all tarps respond to a little creativity,

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